Seven Hazards of Environmental Noise

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In modern society, environmental noise is not rare, especially in big cities. However, the environmental noise causes a lot problems and even diseases to people.

Hearing damage
If people live and work in noisy environments for a long time, their hearing will be damaged. Under different noise intensity, the incidence of deafness is different. In the noisy environment under 80 dB, people will not become deaf for working 40 years; however, if it is above 80db, the deaf rate will increase by 10% every more 5db.

Interferes with sleep
People will feel quiet and comfortable in the 30 - 40 decibels environment, which is conducive to sleep and rest. When the environment noise is over 50 db, it will interfere with rest and sleep. Sleep is extremely important for people, which regulates the body's metabolism so that the brain could have a rest. However, environmental noise will affect people's sleep quality and quantity.

Disturbance of thinking
Noise could interfere with people's normal conversation and reflection. Statistical results showed that when environmental noise reaches 55 decibels, there will be 15% of people feel noisy; 6% of people feel noisy at 50 dB; 45 dB can make most people feel quiet.

Physiological effects on the human body
Environmental noise also affects the body's nervous system, headaches, sleep disorders, neurasthenia, leading to unstable blood pressure, heart rate, gastrointestinal disorders, and loss of appetite, hyperthyroidism, and metabolic disorders.

The psychological impact on the human body
In a noisy environment, people often feel worry, fear, excitability, anger, and irrational. At work, it causes aprosexia and prone to accidents. The intelligence of children who grow in noisy environment is 20% lower than that of quiet environment. Noise can cause fetal malformations and intellectual disabilities of children.

Lead to cardiovascular disease
Recently, a new study in Sweden shows that long-term exposure to traffic noise above 60 decibels increases the risk of high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.

Sometimes, noise could not be avoided. However, people can take measures to prevent it. In order to give a quiet environment to others, please pay attention to details in daily life and do not create noise trouble to others.

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