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Food and catering services -

Restaurant provides various types of food and drinks catering services to the customers. It means that they prepare the food and also serve or distribute it. Our restaurant offers fantastic choice of drinks and food services. There are many waiters which assistance when anyone entered into the restaurant and also serve the drinks or food in front of you. Chefs or cooks make the food and it is the responsibility of the waiters to serve the food according to the requirement or order. We offer all types of vegetarian, fast food and beverages also.

Types of food offered by the restaurants –

Drinks- Drinks are mostly required by the people. We offer drinks that can fresh your mind. There is a range of drinks like house blend coffee and several types of tea such as sweet orange, sweet ginger, organic green and energy mint. Cucumber chilli, pomegranate lemonade, pear and apple juice are provided in juices and smoothies. Coke, diet coke and gingerale are offered in pop. Various other liquor like red wine, white wine and vodka is also available for the customers according to the requirement.

Fast Food-

fast food is the mostly demanded item and we provide it to the customers. In fast food burger platter is provided which is served on a toasted multi-grain vegan bun with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and caramelized onions liked by most of the people. Many delicious sandwiches are offered to the customers like chick-un banh mi, beef banh mi, pulled pork banh mi etc. Everyone can come and try all these tastes.

Soups & salads – some people are on diet and they prefer to take the light food. For that purpose soups and salads are also available for the customers. The diverse choices for the soups and salads are power Kale’n cabbage and haru salad. Some additional choices are also available like crispy breaded tofu cubes, gobo root fried chunks cheddar style vegan cheese shreds etc.

Desserts- Some people like sweets. Few people like to eat some sweets after the meal. Several types are available which you can enjoy after the meal or according to the taste. In desserts we providecashew cookie, peanut butter cookies, chocolate fudge brownie and fruit sorbet etc.

Home delivery services

Consider the situation you are very tired and don’t want to go outside for the meal. The best option at that time is to call and order the meal at home. This is the best service which is provided by the restaurant that everyone can order the meal at home. For this you have to follow some steps i.e. firstly search the website of the restaurant thengo deeply through the menu and select an item which you want to eat. After that you just have to place the order on the phone using phone number given in the website of the restaurant. Everyone can also place the order using order it, just eat, hurrier or tasteAway sites. Now your order has been placed and the food is sent to your home. After that you just have to pay for the food and nothing more to do.

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