Service Plan Features - The Essentials For Your Cell phones

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Communication has now become much easier with the advancement of phone technology. Not only communication, phones these days offer many features like data transferring, Internet surfing, games and more. Learn about various cell phone service features to choose the plan as per your requirements.

With the technology constantly advancing, phones first emerged as smart phones and are still evolving. From voice mails to sharing data with other devices through wireless, cell phones can do so much due to the numerous features. The functionality of various new applications have turned phones into personal assistants. There are so many functions in cell phones that make communication easier than ever before. You can choose from the many location based cell phone service plans that come with various additional services.


A cell phone now a days works so much more than just making or receiving phone calls. BREW, Binary Runtime Environment Wireless, is a software platform that helps users download and execute programs for sending messages, sharing data, playing games and others. Specific apps for getting wallpapers and ring-tones can easily be downloaded using BREW. It promotes the whole range of apps from instant messages to online gaming. With this software platform, you can personalize your phone with all the new applications. It offers faster application execution in comparison to other application platforms.


Text messaging is a common feature of cell phones and is used widely for communicating. Quite popular amongst teens, SMS now has an ally called PSMS where P stands for Premium. With this service, you can now receive what you think is important info. Whether it's baseball updates, weather reports, flight information or anything else, you can request for these and have them sent to you by third parties. Even your service provider sends you some messages as alerts which are also categorized as PSMS. The charges of your SMS and PSMS basically depend upon the service plan you choose.

Caller Id / Caller Id Blocking

When you choose a cell phone service provider, make sure you check whether it provides you services like Caller Id and Caller Id Blocking. The former one displays the numbers of the people calling you on your cellphone whereas the latter prevents your numbers from being displayed on the phones of people you call. Almost all of the service plans don't have any additional charges for Caller Id and Caller Id Blocking services, these are included in the per minute call rates.

International Dialing And Text Messaging

If you make frequent phone calls to international venues, whether personally or professionally, you should get the direct international dialing feature. Many companies provide this feature included in the service plan. Make a list of countries you will be making your phone calls to and confirm with the service provider if those countries are included in the plan or not. Along with the direct international dialing, international text messaging is also included in various service plans.

Choose The Right Plan

As a user you have the final say in what features should be provided in your service plan. You can choose from the plans put up by the service providers such as Boost, Straight Talk, Movida, Lucky or Pageplus Essentials of mobile network such as call transfer, conferencing, data transport and directory assistance are taken care of by these service providers. To get the best service plans, you should do some research online and find companies that provide cell phone services in your region.

This article has been written by an expert associated with Pageplus Wireless, a premier company that provides Pageplus cellular services at affordable prices.

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