Sensitive Skin Care in Summer

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Acne appears? Rosacea comes? Suffer from burning and stinging feelings? Well, probably you have sensitive skin as millions of people in the world. Usually, summer is the most horrible season for sensitive skins and today, I'm going to share some sensitive skin care tips, hope they will help you.

Face wash
Be careful, sensitive skin needs special facial cleanser in the summer. In the morning, do not use foam cleanser which carries away too much oil and water from your face. Yes, in the summer you also need oil to moisturize your skin; otherwise the water will be carried away by the sunshine.

Remember to use toner right after facial cleanser. Some may think toner is dispensable, but actually it cannot be ignored at any time. Toner gently exfoliates your face and quickly moisturizes the skin, preparing for the next step. Try to select special toners for sensitive skin, which are gentle enough and protect your skin from harm.

Lotion is the step that helps lock the water in your face. In the summer, it's usually hot and dry, so try to choose lotions that contain enough water and proper oil. Skin lotion with chamomile essential oil is great for you to relieve nervousness and inflammation.

Many girls already know that in the summer they have to use sunscreen with sufficient SPF every day, but few of them know our skin needs protection from the sun every day in the whole year. Even in the winter, the UVA and UVB still exist and no less harmful than that in the summer.

Generally speaking,sunscreen with SPF30 is enough for ladies in the summer. Use sunscreen with SPF neither too high nor too low, which will also do harm to your tender skin and increase the risk of new freckles and skin aging, even if they are invisible now.

After all, being in a good mood and having enough sleep everyday are the two most effective skincare methods. Our skin is really "sensitive" to what we're thinking about and how we treat ourselves. Treat yourself better, use right skincare products, and the skin will feel it.

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