Senior Secondary School Empowering Future

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A child's career or for that matter his life depends upon the type of education he has received or the school that s/he has attended.
The biggest question that looms large on the minds of parents is that of selecting a senior secondary School, where their child can study for twelve long years giving him/her a strong foundation for the rest of his/her future life.
What is it that the parents look for in a Senior Secondary School, apart from its Campus and infrastructure, is the initiatives taken by the school in various fields like the school's approach to learning, selection of the Board Of Education, Methodology, implementation, Activities and Sports and the efforts of the school in nurturing the child emotionally in a positive and conducive environment for the continuous process of learning which helps the child to be responsible, confident, self-reliant and become ready for the future.
A Senior Secondary School is a place, where the child grows up thinking and learning, which becomes an integral part of the child's overall personality in his later years.

Hence, it is one of the most important factors that the school must keep at its hub of all its activities and processes and be accountable for the same in shaping not only the future of the child, as a student of a particular school but, also the future of the country.

At Shemford Senior Secondary Schools, we believe every child is unique and every effort of ours is trained at bringing out the best in every student and help them shine not only as Shemford stars but shine as the glorious future of our country. The Shemford School is a fast growing chain of Senior Secondary Schools that has its rock solid foundation in Shemrock group of preschools. Shemrock - a chain of preschools spread across India and abroad, is a 20 year old institution, managed by visionary educationists who are a pioneer in the field of education. The first to bring the concept of Preschool Education in India, the Shem Group has since then been growing exponentially, while still maintaining its legacy of imparting quality education to young minds.

To know more about Shemford Senior Secondary Schools & Shemrock Preschools, please visit our official sites: Shemford , Shemrock

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