Senior Cell Phone and Medical Alert System: A Great Combo for Senior Safety

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Do seniors need senior cell phones or medical alert systems? Which one is a better device for seniors to guarantee their safety? Medical alert systems are in the picture for a long time already. These devices always make sure that there is someone to help the seniors in times of needs. Medical alert systems come in different forms such as pendant alert, home monitoring, and the like.

On the other hand, cell phones are trendier pieces for seniors. Though cell phones may be the gadget for the younger generation, cell phones can help a lot too in the safety of seniors. With the communication lines being opened by cell phones anywhere a senior goes, help is almost as near as a push of a button away.

However, when it comes to senior safety, there really is no need to choose between the two. Why choose if you can give both options to the elderly? If you are thinking about expenses, don’t be. There are senior cell phones these days that have built in medical alert systems for half or less the price of what you will be paying for keeping a cell phone line and a medical alert system subscription simultaneously.

Medical Alert Systems in Cell Phones

Cell phones that are ideal for seniors these days are those that come with a personal emergency response system (PERS). One of the phones that come with this feature is the Just5 Easyphone. This phone has an SOS button, which can be pushed once to call for help during emergencies. The SOS button can automatically activate dialing of five pre-programmed numbers, alarm, and loudspeaker mode. Seniors or their family members can program five numbers in the phone to be reached during emergency situations. Contact numbers can include those of their children, doctors, neighbors, caregivers, and even 911.

What makes Just5 cell phone ideal to serve as a medical alert system is that its PERS features are free of charge. Unlike subscribing to medical alert systems, you need not pay anything to Just5 for the use of its PERS features. These emergency features are just bonuses offered to seniors using the phone.

The Cell Phones for Seniors

Take note that not all senior cell phones available today in the market have medical alert systems that come with them. Hence, it is recommended for you to find mobile phones that have such feature. More than the PERS features, it is important that cell phones for seniors are easy-to-use and have basic features. This is to ensure that seniors will not find it hard to operate the phone for their advantage.

The Just5 cell phone, for one, has senior-friendly features such as big buttons, bright display, and amplified sound. With these features, vision and hearing problems will not at all be a hindrance towards operating the phone.

So now, what makes up a good cell phone for seniors? The answer is always the phones that are designed with medical alert system. With this, you can be certain that your choice of senior cell phones will be worth it for all their needs from communication to safety.

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