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Bulk SMS is the term that is given to sending an SMS message to hundreds or thousands of people the same time. Doing this from a regular cell phone is obviously highly expensive and something that no one would really choose to do. Sending text messages to cell phones is a new way that businesses are utilising to keep in contact with their customers whenever they have a new product or service to inform them of, or if they have a special offer that they would like to advertise.
Previous to using bulk SMS business would usually do this by telephoning their customers - which is a very long and drawn out process and can be very expensive. Or they might choose to send them a flyer or letter through the post informing them of new products or services. Any business can sign up to a bulk SMS plan from one of the many different bulk SMS providers which our online right now. These are providers will offer a business the opportunity to create an account with them from which they can then send hundreds and thousands of bulk SMS messages whenever they like.

Many of these payment plans have a flat rate which will allow business to send a set number of SMS messages. Once this limit has been reached, the business will simply have to recharge their number of SMS messages and start all over again. Some of the bulk SMS providers also have a sliding scale of charges - so the more SMS messages a business sends the cheaper they will be. This cost is usually less than half of the price of a standard text message from a normal cell phone network provider. When a business compares this with the cost of setting up a call centre to call their customers, paying their employees per hour and also paying the phone calls it is easy to see why businesses are now choosing to send bulk SMS messages.
Sending bulk SMS messages is also very easy and anyone, even those with the most basic knowledge of computers is able to successfully create and send SMS messages to thousands of recipients. To put this into perspective, it is now possible for a single person to plan, create and implement a full SMS text messaging campaign in less than a day. Now compare this to the work that would have to go in to planning an advertising campaign, telephone contact campaign or a postal mail out campaign.

So now that you know how easy it is for a business to send bulk SMS messages it is easy to see why so many businesses are now using SMS to keep in contact with their customers. It is a fast, effective, efficient and fun way of delivering a message to customers all over the world at a fraction of the cost. Add to that the fact that text messaging is instant and it is clear to see how bulk SMS messages look set to change how businesses communicate in the future.

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