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Today’s generation in inclined towards sending SMS for Free, as their primary motto in using a mobile or any other Hi-tech gadgets is to stay connected in their social network, friends and family.

Due to the hectic life style every one finds that they are losing out on the most vital relationships due to lack of time. In this most competitive world where one has to perform to keep a good job and fat pay package leaving them with very little or time for socializing.

The job market being very competitive friends who were with you now in your locality have to relocate. They have to relocate for better growth opportunities. Imagine now if you are so far away to keep in touch with your normal mobile with the connection provider who charges you a boom for calls and SMS’s kills the purpose of having the Hi-tech mobile to stay connected.

Youngster have large group of friends and sending SMS to all leaves them with a feeling of having paid huge price to stay in touch with all.

Well all this sound very depressing but there is really nothing to worry about you have other options like SMS for Free websites which allow you to send SMS anywhere in the country for free and you can send unlimited SMS’s for free at any time as long as you have access to a PC.

The telecommunications companies have also realized that they could be losing their clients, now they offer SMS for Free with a little charge. Such offers give the user few hundred SMS for Free for a limited period of time. Off course company charges the customer a nominal charge though. This does not make the SMS free altogether. One more gimmick the telecommunication companies play is they charge for the SMS’s that are sent outside the state which they do not highlight in their offers.

That’s why the customer who have ready access to PC do not opt for even such offers like pay and send SMS’s for free for a month. When they get to send Send Free SMS online through various websites, IM and networking websites who have the facility for the user to send SMS for Free anywhere in the country and outside the country, that too free, why should they fall for such offers. Online you can send the SMS’s for Free anywhere. The purpose of such offers that are there online is nothing but a way to advertise the website and other links in those websites. This helps the website to increase their traffic. So the user and the provider both are benefited here.


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