Selling your old iphone for the new iphone 4

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Advancements are an integral part of technology as it annihilates the idea of sticking to a particular model for long. That's how life keeps upgrading. However it is not like car technology which has evolved at a moderate pace. Though there is affirmation that that cars could have an extensive lifetime-considering the ones from 1950s as well- public knowledge has been the base of most of the trade secrets and that didn't make a 1980 car less significant than a 1985 model.

The computer age has altogether a different story to tell where there lies a huge difference between the phones of 2003 and 2008 as if a whole generation has passed. Presently upgrading from an old iphone 2G or 3G to 3GS technology implies that there has been a considerable improvement in the new model.

At that time, when an iphone got damaged or accidentally became useless, people even thought of dumping it down instead of getting it repaired. When you compare an old iphone 2G or 3G with a new 3GS model, it seems worthless to get the phone repaired. Even than it is not a good idea to throw away cell phones.

Data shows that only 10% of the cell phones being used are taken for repair or recycling. But when you consider the number of people using cell phones today it seems to be an astonishing fact. There is always an adjustment period for someone using a cell phone for the first time. When people get used to using the phone, they want to upgrade it to the newer and advanced model. Although the iphone users who intend to upgrade an iphone 2G or 3G to 3GS model might come in this category, they are generally not even beginners.

It is not a good idea to throw away an old phone. For people who want to upgrade from an old 2G or 3G iPhone to a new 3GS model, there are ways of getting some cash from your old phone even if it is broken. It is true that various low class models have no market value as scrap. However the iphones can be mended by professionals, making it valued. Broken or useless phones should be sent away for recycling to contribute your small bit towards conservation of energy, metals and plastics.

It is a better idea to sell your old iPhone 3G or 2Gto a resale service as they would sell it much effectively as compared to you selling it independently. Comparatively it will gain more value. To read more about newest iPhone take a look at that website.

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