Self Tanning Lotions By Sun Labs

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Sun Labs, a leading distributor and manufacturer of self tanning products, offers a variety of options for its customers to choose from. Their products range from tanning lotions to sprays to accelerators, available at reasonable prices. The products are guaranteed to provide a natural looking sun kissed tan while protecting the skin from any chemical damage.

If a user has a sensitive fair skin, which is prone to burning in the sun then the use of a self tanning product from Sun Labs is an ideal option. By using this product, one does not have to expose oneself to the sun or the ultra violate rays at all.

All the products of the company are FDA approved. When applied, these tanners only penetrate the top most layer of the skin and do not harm the blood stream. The ingredients used are specially formulated and are very healthy, containing aloe vera that moisturizes and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft.

The items on offer have a very light soothing smell unlike most tanning lotions. The company also offers various products like scrubs, moisturizers, specifically made to keep the tanned skin from damaging.

The main reason why Sun Labs is so popular is because it offers:

* An excellent colour - The colour achieved by applying the tanning products is even, beautiful, and extremely natural. The products do not leave the skin dry.
* Easy application - They are very easy to apply and are known to offer instant results.
* Healthy ingredients - The ingredients that are used in these products consist of aloe vera, vitamins, peach, vegetable oils, and the like.
* Reasonable - The products are very reasonably priced. The company offers numerous discounts every now and then.

Products Offered:


The company offers tanning accelerators which comprise of a formula that mixes dark tan maximizers with self-tanning bronzers to provide the user with an instant, deep tan. These products are for those who cannot wait for days to achieve the desired tan.

Tanning Lotions:

Sun Labs offers a wide variety of self tanning lotions. These lotions, when applied, provide the user with a very natural looking dark skin. Making use of these lotions on a regular basis ensures a tanned look which will last for years.

Spray tans:

This is the most sought after product of the company and is completely free of alcohol or fragrance. Spray tans have a tendency to dry off quickly and are known to be the best way (mess free) to achieve a tan. They also tend to keep the skin well hydrated.

Sun Labs began its journey in the year 1983 and has grown ever since, not just in the services offered but also in reputation and popularity. The self-tanning lotions offered are shipped all across the globe to several different countries. The company backs its products and offers its customers free samples so that he or she is satisfied before buying a whole bottle. Moreover, to ensure affordability, the products are priced very reasonably.

If you are looking for that perfect tan then look no more. Log into the website of Sun labs for the finest tanning products. Visit us: .

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