Selecting Quality Art Materials Like Plein Aire Frames

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When investing in fine artwork, you should consider quality framing materials. Look for products like Plein Aire frames, as they will look good and last long. Here are some tips to consider when looking for the right materials.

The right matte

The most elegant and expensive framing around your artwork will not look right, if it does not go with the art. What is the dominant background color of your art? If it is an outdoor painting the sky may be the dominant color. It may also be the green or brown of the countryside. This is the best color to choose for the matte.

Some people may wish to match the matte color to their present decor. However, this may not be the right fit. You may not live in your house for the rest of your life. In addition, you may wish to change the color of the room or remodel. In that case, the room color may be totally different in the future.

Selecting the right framing

The outside border of a painting may get as much attention as the content. It also serves to protect the valuable work within it. Without protection, fine pictures can easily become torn and tattered. You may wish to protect your work with a film or glass. The right framing can make this possible. You can keep it looking good for a long time.

You can increase the value of your art with a quality frame. By protecting your artwork, this helps it maintain its value. It also makes the art much easier to hang on the wall.

The border of your painting can receive as much attention as the painting itself. It can draw your guests into the painting. On the other hand, it may lead them away from it.

If you have an expensive work of art, you should consider protecting it with fine wood framing. Many options may be cheaper. However, they may make the painting look cheap, also.

When shopping framing materials

When you shop it is important to look over all of the selections carefully. A quality retailer will have many different selections. You may find more selections and cheaper prices with online retailers.

Online retailers can sell products cheaper than many local retailers. This is because they have much lower overhead. They do not have to rent a store and pay utilities. The also do not have to pay for upkeep and insurance.

It is usually easier to purchase items online. All you have to do is go to the website after you measure your painting. You will find all of the necessary information at the website.


If you have a lot of money invested in a painting, you should consider quality framing material. A fine piece of artwork may appear common with a common looking border. Your matte needs to match the dominant colors of the painting. When you shop, consider fine wood like Plein Aire frames. Your investment will look better and be protected from damage. When you shop online retailers, you may save the most money. They have little overhead and can afford to charge lower prices.

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