Selecting an Appropriate Direct Response Call Center

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Finding the right direct response call center for your marketing campaigns is a key to your business success. The call center must have the capabilities and experience to handle your campaign successfully.

A major challenge in selecting a call center to handle your direct response campaign is proper staffing. If they don't schedule their staff accurately it will lead to performance issues . You need to forecast your projected call volume as accurately as possible. You should provide a media schedule too if it's available. Make sure that the direct response call center of choice can staff according to your call arrival patterns.

As part of the due diligence process, you should be aware of the call center industry service level averages (SLAs). The direct response call center needs to adhere to call center service level averages whenever possible. The average speed to answer should be 80% of the calls answered in 20 seconds. The abandonment rate should be 5% or less. Any rate higher than 5% can lead to lost revenue. Always keep in mind, a disgruntled customer may not return. The average handling time is also a factor. If the handling time is prolonged, the related costs will be excessive. Calls need to be handled efficiently and effectively. When the call volume is low and then the volume suddenly spikes, will they be able to handle the situation? A direct response call center that can provide the appropriate level of service most likely has years of experience with making the necessary adjustments to changing call arrival patterns. Choose only a call center that has substantial experience with direct response campaigns.

It is critical for the call center agent to have the right skill set and proper training on your product or service to succeed. Regardless if it's a hard offer or soft offer, the objective is to have the best conversion rate possible. With hard offers, the sales conversion rate is the key metric for sales focused campaigns. Revenue per call also needs to be measured. Upselling and cross-selling are major selling strategies utilized to increase overall revenues.

When you find a direct response call center that can meet all the aforementioned requirements then you are ensuring the success of your marketing campaigns. This should result in increasing revenue, profits and retention of customers.

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