Selecting A Perfect Topic For An Ebook

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There can be many factors why you would would like to write an ebook, but the two most usual are to advertise something and to publish a novel. This article will concentrate on how to use an ebook for marketing, because even the author of ebook novels has to promote them because they do not have a publisher.

When you are considering using Internet marketing techniques, three of the best are all related. You may write an article for a newsletter or blog (maybe as a guest writer); you can compose pieces on subjects related to what you would like to advertise and hope that owners of newsletters and blogs copy your piece into their publication or you can write an ebook on the topic.

Whichever method you decide on, you will be hoping that the reader of your work, clicks through to your website and buys what you are marketing. They will be able to do this, because you have left a hyperlink to your website at the end of your article or book.

Which of these methods is the best might depend on your abilities as a author, on your abilities as a promoter or on the technique that best suits the product that you are trying to advertise. Time can also be a factor. It will obviously take longer to write a book than an article.

So, is there anything to be acquired from composing an ebook instead of an piece? That depends on quality and your capacity to send the piece or book viral.

What does viral mean? it simply means that the content is so good, practical or funny that individuals will be pleased to pass it on to their friends.

You can see why this is called viral advertising: your twenty friends forward the article to their twenty friends et cetera, et cetera. It can be read by millions in a week. If it is decent enough. An piece of less quality might be read by thousands during the same timespan in low-circulation newsletters.

So, let us aim for the top. How do you decide on a issue for an ebook? Well, does it have to relate to something that you are already advertising or planning to sell? Is the ebook itself the item or is it a promoting tool? In viral marketing, the ebook should actually be a free signpost to your website.

So, in order to find a issue, look in places like Yahoo Answers. See what people are having problems with. Mosquitoes in the summer; gifts for the loved one at Christmas and St. Valentine's Day, etc. etc.. Then open Google's search page (open an account if you do not have one) and turn on predictive text.

Now enter the phrases that you lifted from Yahoo Answers slowly and see what comes up. These are the most popular search phrases for that issue to have been used recently. Note a couple of of them down and enter them back into Google or whichever search engine you like.

How many other websites are using that key phrase? 500 million? Well, at least you know that people are interested in it, but there is tons of competition. Find a key phrase that you are happy with, compose your ebook using that title and then you 'merely' have to advertise it, but at least you know that the public would like it and you know the strength of competition.

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