Securing Dreams Through African Well Water Project

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As unfortunate as it may be, unclean water acts as a burden to the development and advancement of individuals in poverty stricken areas worldwide. The African Well Water Project implemented by the Canadian charity, WaterCan, aims to redistribute hopes and dreams back to those living in communities of poverty that lack proper water and sanitation infrastructure. Through the African Well Water Project, money is raised to go towards the support of clean water access in various communities throughout eastern Africa. Access to clean water will be made available to children, adults and families alike.

Africa has suffered from poverty, unclean water conditions and poor sanitation for years. WaterCan aims to lend support through the implementation of community-driven projects that emphasize locally appropriate technologies, community ownership and gender equality. The African Well Water Project accepts donations of large and small. No donation is turned away. WaterCan also offers donors the ability to stay informed on updates and news regarding progress of the African Well Water Project and its many successful accomplishments. Not only will a donor be making a difference in the lives of the many unfortunate African communities, they will also be knowledgeable on the conditions and circumstances the people of the country of Africa are currently faced with.

For many, the idea of clean water comes as a right, rather than a privilege. For many countries in Africa, it is held to the highest standard and is never taken for granted. Clean water is one of the greatest gifts an African community could receive. Any type of support for the African Well Water Project would be greatly appreciated and humbly accepted. Water is a necessity for good health and well-being and should be the birthright of every person on earth. Without clean water a person is susceptible to illnesses, diseases, infections and, unfortunately, death. There is no better way of showing your concern and care for the citizens of the world than through heartfelt donations, guaranteed to make a difference in a person's life.

From birth, thousands of African children, women, and men are deprived of access to clean water and basic sanitation facilities. Women spend hours walking to fetch water and many days of classes are missed when children are sick from water and sanitation related diseases. The African Well Water Project needs you and your donation.

For more information, please visit Watercan.

WaterCan is a Canadian charity that recognizes the impact access to clean water in Africa has on the community,and is working to make this very important basic necessity available to all. For more information, please visit

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