Secret Cure For Brown Age Spots Your Doc Won't Reveal

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Brown age spots can make you very self conscious.
No matter where we have them, we want them gone.
There's an inexpensive, easy way to get rid of them, but no dermatologist will tell you about it.
I will.

Do you wonder if your dermatologist would share an inexpensive way to fade them? When you go to your dermatologist have you ever seen brown spots on his or her hands? Probably not.

Do you really think these doctors are so lucky they don't ever get brown age spots? Or are their colleagues taking care of the problem for them after hours? You know, one hand washes the other?

Think about it. Wonder if you've ever seen skin doctors with scabs? Looking like they've had their sun damage burned off? Because that's what brown age spots usually come from. The sun.

Maybe these dermatologists have concocted a special cream. Maybe they're not willing to share it with us because it would mean a loss of revenue. Believe it or not, even plastic surgeons seem to be feeling the pinch in this economy.

They''re advertising on the radio! Somehow, hearing them trying to talk people into coming in for beauty procedures makes me lose confidence in them. These big doctors used to have waiting lists. They're trolling for patients on the air these days. Just goes to show how bad this recession really is.

So, in order to get rid of brown age spots, I did my own research. I've gone through the liquid nitrogen process of burning them off. Not pleasant, I can assure you. I, like many others, had this done on my hands. You go through a lot of discomfort, only to have them come back.

When a dermatologist recommended removal by laser I tried that too. Same discomfort. Same waste of money, as they came back. I finally took matter into my own hands and went on a quest for a bleach free, non irritating product.

Seek and ye shall find, they say, and it turned out to be true. I finally found a cream with Nutgrass Extrapone. Some companies sell it on its own but I found it worked better in a cream with grapeseed oil and antioxidants. There's no bleach in it whatsoever. Hurray! No more irritating hydroquinone.

This amazing product works on your melanin. To keep this explanation simple, it works by evening out your skin tone. The brown age spots fade and blend in with the rest of your skin so you no longer see them.

Keep using this cream and they won't come back. You can put it on your arms, legs and face as well. Wherever there is discoloration or a blemish. And the antioxidants will help your body block out the sun so it no longer damages your skin. It's miraculous.

Thankfully this effective plant extract contains no chemicals. In fact, when added to a natural whitening cream containing other rich nutrients, your overused hands will improve considerably.

You will not only be rid of your age spots, but your skin will improve considerably. The collagen and elastin levels in your body will start rising, making you look smoother than you have in years. Your skin will have a beautiful, even skin tone.


My name is Dee Smith. I'm a cosmetologist who can tell you how to get rid of your brown age spots without chemicals or expensive skin doctor visits. Get all the information you will need at:

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