Searching For Small Office Phone Systems? Read These Best Systems

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So have you thought about gaining more insight into small office phone systems? This article will outline the three most widely used types of systems that are effective for streamlining the functionality of your office. These don't only make your business more productive, but they'll raise operating profits because the office will be more efficient.

Auto attendant phone system. An auto attendant system picks up a call immediately when someone calls and presents an automated service menu for the caller to choose the right party or person that he or she needs to reach. These systems are efficient because offices do not need to employ extra staff to answer and route calls. At the same time, callers do not need to wait for a receptionist to speak with them and transfer a call. Individuals running a business typically carry enough responsibilities as it is, which makes taking calls quite a distraction. The automated phone answering system or auto attendant phone system is capable of sorting calls as well as ordering them by their level of urgency, and can go as far as providing callers with information regarding certain topics which will save your entire staff loads of time.

Another popular small office phone system is the multi line phone system. The name says it all - it is a system with more than one single phone line.The two line systems and four line systems are included in the multi line phone systems that are most popular. This setup makes it possible for multiple customers or clients to be speaking with office workers simultaneously. If you run a busy office where time is money, it is not wise to have to waste time in waiting to use the phone. Additionally, callers may be turned off if they hear a busy signal all too often. Companies like Vtech or Panasonic offer lots of off the shelf 2 line systems that are very easy to set up either for a small business or a home office.

VoIP business phone system. Any discussion on the best small office phone systems is not complete without mentioning the VoIP business phone system. VoIP or voice over internet is inexpensive and versatile. Actually, when the VoIP phone system for business is coordinated with PBX features that are easily obtained, a small office can take advantage of an answering system that's automatically attended as well as a multi-line phone system. You do not even need a phone jack to be set up with a system, you only need a broadband internet connection. The VoIP system currently scored very well as far as commercial phone systems go despite the fact the early versions were not thought of as being very reliable for use in business.

Which of these small office phone systems do you like best? Take a step back and reflect on your needs and how each of these systems could help you best. One article does not make anyone an expert, so you may also want to check out a few more follow-up articles.

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