Scrabble Flash Cubes

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Scrabble Flash offers a compact, modern version of the classic game that people of all vocabulary levels can enjoy. Great for players eight years and older, this game features five SmartLink tiles that keep track of your words and points electronically. Play one of the two solo games, or swap tiles to win against a friend. Ideal for road trips or family vacations, Scrabble Flash delivers word-building excitement in a convenient, portable size.

Play it Anytime, Anywhere with SmartLink Tiles

With only five tiles and a lightweight storage box, Scrabble Flash is both portable and well within the word power of younger players. The game starts with a chime as each of the interactive SmartLink tiles displays a letter. Tiles can “read” each other’s letters when they touch as you shuffle them around to make a word. When you’ve made a word, the tiles light up and beep, and you can continue to the next word. Once your time is up, the tiles digitally display your score. When one game just isn’t enough, press the reset button and the tiles will flash a new combination of letters.

Three Game Possibilities for Solo or Group Play

Scrabble Flash offers three game possibilities for either individual or group play. The Flash option asks players to make as many words as they can from the same five letters in 75 seconds–each five-letter word adds five seconds to the clock.

In Five Letter Flash, a player finds one five-letter word and then receives five new letters, trying to spell as many words as possible in the allotted 75 seconds.

In the third option, Pass Flash, players pass the tiles around. When one player has formed a five-letter word within the time limit, they pass the tiles to the next player, who gets five new letters. If a player doesn’t spell a word quickly enough, he or she is eliminated from the round, and everyone else continues until all but one player has been eliminated.

To make things easier for younger players, each game can be played with only four tiles. The game’s flexible format makes solo play fun too.
Easy to Get Started

With the simple setup and easy directions, young first-time players will be able to choose a game and play Scrabble Flash in no time at all. The 2-inch tiles are easy to read and are made of thick plastic for easy handling, so you can set up and move through a game quickly.

Its up to you to find words in a flash with this fun, electronic version of the classic SCRABBLE game! Use the interactive SmartLink tiles to build your words and theyll flash and beep with each word you make! Theyll also automatically time your turns and display your score with the maximum possible score.

Put your skills to the test with three different solo and competitive games and slide, swap and shuffle your way to a win. Its fastpaced, addictive, wordbuilding fun!For 1 or more players, ages 8 and up.Contents Include 5 SmartLink letter tiles, storage box and rules. Includes 5 button cell batteries.

Since this is the electronic version, no actual game board is required to play this one. The electronic letter tile cubes are to be moved and shuffled around by each player till a word is formed. When a word is formed the electronic tiles light up and make a beeping sound.

There is a time limit unlike the classic Scrabble game. You have to form the maximum number of words in 60 seconds. The electronic game automatically times and scores each player. This time limit is one feature that fans have really liked. It adds a sense of urgency to your task and adds that much more thrill in playing the game.

* 2010 Oppenheim Platinum Award
* Put your skills to the test with 3 different solo and competitive games and slide, swap and shuffle your way to a win
* Electronic version of the classic games challenges you to make words out of the electronic tiles
* Electronic version of the classic scrabble game
* Includes 5 SmartLink letter tiles, storage box and rules

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