Sci fi Memorabilia

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Sci fi memorabilia , collectables or junk?

How many people are buying the meal that includes a "collectors item" watch or cup that ties in with the latest sci fi film release? The answer is to many to make it into a real collectors item.

So how do you know something is worth buying to actually stash away and keep for sale at some time in the future for a vast profit? The honest answer is that you have no way of knowing for
sure what items will become worth a fortune and which items will be in such huge supply that they will be worthless.

In most cases the items that are produced to give away at McDonald's, Burger king or any of the other major fast food chains will be produced in such huge numbers that there will always be plenty of them to go around.

Buying the sci fi memorabilia on offer at McDonald's can make sense if you are looking to build the most complete collection possible of items for a specific film, or if the film bombs and you have a sneaking feeling that it will become a cult classic.

You can look online and see hundreds of items available all with some sort of relevance to your favorite sci fi film. When you are looking for items that are likely to return a future profit for you
rather than just sit on your shelf and look good then you need to become a bit more discerning.

Collecting sci fi memorabilia can be an expensive, complicated, frustrating hobby. While it may seem that you will spend all your time stuck in front of your pc, it is in fact well worth your time to start meeting people who work in places that sell sci fi related items.

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