School Owners Can Brand Their School

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School owners can promote their school. There are many reasons why school owners can’t afford to ignore its school’s image. First reason is that there is a direct link between a school’s image and the achievement of its students. The positive image of the school helps in attracting and retaining high quality staff. Also healthy recruitment of students is a key to balancing your school’s finances. External funders will be interested in associated with your school, only if your school has a good public profile. The school owners should promote the image of its school because it is a vital means of addressing more general school improvement issues in a focused way.

The school owners have to ensure that the school does not have a negative publicity in the press. You have to ensure that the school has a favorable profile. At present, schools need to actively manage their image. Even if your school enjoys a favorable image, there is a need that you maintain that image and make further efforts to enhance it. There are many ways in which a school can manage its profile.

The school should form its own marketing and Public relations (PR) strategy. Efforts to promote the school’s image shall be made regularly. Marketing efforts shall be made that attract students and parents to your school and help in retaining their loyalty and support. Public relations (PR) efforts shall be made to ensure that there is active maintenance of a favorable public image for your school. The head teacher shall be clear about the vision for future. The most powerful vision is the one that is led by the head teacher and the leadership team. The vision should reflect the views of the staff, students and the wider community.

You should be able to identify the positive messages about your school that will form the core of the marketing and PR work. This will also remind you of the things that bind you together as a school and also provides the general school improvement initiatives that the staff will be working towards in the coming years. It is important to recognize that you already do well and you should make the most of these positive features. The school will have ‘unique selling points’ that shall be harnessed to portray a favorable image of the school. Efforts shall be made to improve the school’s social profile. The school should have a marketing/PR group named with a coordinator. The school should also try to gain a national reputation for innovative work.

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