Scar Treatment for Burns

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Our skin is the largest organ in our body and helps protect our internal organs from infection and foreign matter as well as retaining fluids and controlling heat exchange. So you can imagine how destructive it is to our survival when we suffer from a skin burn.

Burns leave our body dangerously exposed, and lead to contracture scars. This means that the burned skin will develop a scar that is tight and can seriously limit mobility. No matter how small the burn is, if it's serious it will lead to a contracture scar.

How to treat Burned Skin

In the rush to treat a burn most people don't even know how to properly treat burned skin. There are different ways to treat the varying degrees of burns. If you have a minor burn, you should reduce the heat before it damages the surrounding tissue.

Initial burn care includes the following:

*Control the heat. Place the affected area under lukewarm, running water.

*Cold water can cause more damage.

*Do not put oils, creams or cotton over the burned area. Cotton can stick to the wound while oils and creams can increase the burning.

If the burn is severe, you should maintain the person calm while calling for help as soon as possible. DO NOT place anything on the burn or it may stick to the skin.

Depending on the type and depth of the burn, it may be necessary to use skin grafts or other surgeries to help the affected area heal.

Scar Treatment for Burns

The rate of recovery depends on the depth of the burn and the area that has been affected. Personalized treatment is the best way to treat burn scars.

The two main roads in scar treatment include surgical intervention to loosen the scar tissue and moisturizing and regenerating creams and lotions to promote cellular growth.

Surgeries include immediate removal and grafting. This type of surgery may reduce hospital stay. If this is too dangerous, grafting is delayed a couple of weeks so that the eschar (a dry scab formed on the skin as a result of a burn) separates on its own.

If the scars from burns aren't serious enough to operate then a natural a moisturizing and regenerating lotion can help heal the wound. Products containing snail serum rose hip oil and have shown remarkable results in treating scar tissue.

Rose hip oil contains high levels of retinol, vitamin C and essential fatty acids. When the fatty acids are absorbed into the skin they convert to prostaglandins which are involved in tissue regeneration.

Snail serum contains elements that help regenerate skin tissue and moisturize the skin. It also contains antimicrobial peptides and skin growth activators. These elements are essential when striving to minimize scar tissue.

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