Sc Fi Art painting what you need

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What you need to paint a fantasy art picture

I love fantasy art there are many different things to paint or look at portraits, landscapes, pets all that sort of stuff but I love fantasy painting were you can paint a world that exists in your head.

There are different ways of painting fantasy painting is either painting pens pencils paint, oils, acrylics, inks, not useually water colour but digital painting. The norm at the moment is Digital Drawing There are lots of great fantasy artist around. I paint digitally I use a Wacom Cintiqu or sometimes a Intuos, to paint with and a sony Laptop i7 which is fairly powerful at the minute but give it 6 months it will be out of date.

Getting an idea for your master piece some people will get an idea maybe you wake up in the middle of the night with an idea or maybe you have got a brief from a client. Next do some thumb nail sketches to get an idea of what you want to do.. Or maybe you get the reference material out its easy just fire up the pc and google your ideas, instead of going throu loads of books. Maybe you could take some photos to get certain angles, postures, poses. Software Photoshop is probably your first thing you think of, which is good. Next what programs do you use? well Photoshop is the first thought, this is a cut down version for Photographers but there are some good brushes. But I like Painter which is very good has excellent brushes. Painter also has some great brushes which is very good. But Photoshop is good for layers. Next there is 3D fantasy art which is good. Very difficult to lean a steep learning curve. Several of the best programs are awfully expensive I mean 3,000 upwards but they are stunning 3ds Max is one that I use and also Maya which is good. Studebts get a good discount some you can get free of charge if you are a student There are some great modeling 3d software then Mudbox, or Zbrush is good they are brilliant for 3d modeling, still expensive but your looking at 400 to 500 ish. Fantasy landscapes can be easily done with Vue. Vue is awfully good for some fantastic Landscapes. Panorama software can be less costly. But if you do get 3ds Max or Maya then they will do all of this, but comes at a cost. The only thing I find with 3d software is that it does look very realistic but does misplace it sense of passion that you get with a painting, its nice to see brush strokes.

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