SBK-08: World Superbike 08 Game - Feel the Hardcore Racing

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Superbike World Championship '08 is the official game of the world's fastest production vehicle race that promises a thrilling, accessible and engaging racing experience for both Superbike and race fans alike.

Delivering the experience of exhilaration, speed and adrenaline rush, this game features 12 official SBK tracks, 22 real riders, and arcade/simulation modes. Superbike World Championship '08 includes a handful of strict tasks, such as completing a lap without straying too far from the racing line and many more. Challenge mode is split into a number of categories, with timed and scenario-based tasks for you to attempt. Timed challenges are basically glorified time trials with the added incentive of medals. With the inclusion of next generation features, players get the chance to challenge their friends and opponents all over the world.

With the incorporation of a genuinely technically accurate extreme simulation mode for real petrol heads, this game has 6 different modes like Basic, Arcade, Advanced, Simulation, Extreme and Custom. This game gives out a unique experience in motorsport featuring ultra-realistic close up shots of the riders hugging tight turns while their bodies hang inches away from the track. There are different teams having different skills that offer players for a more engaging experience. Also The team and the rider, i.e. the player can interact with helpful hints and tips to set the bike up in the best possible way to really tackle the track.

In an Overall aspect, this SBK 08 is a hardcore racing game that guarantees closely fought battles and also has clearly positioned itself as a game for a niche audience.

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