Say no to Removable Dentures and Hello to a Hassle-Free Future with Teeth Implants

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Removable dentures, or false teeth, are bulky plastic teeth reconstructions that rest upon the jaw bone ridge in the mouth. They are custom fit by the Sun City dentist to provide patients with replacement teeth that look and function like a complete set of natural teeth. Unfortunately, however, dentures come with several challenges that can make them an utter misery to live with. Teeth implants, on the other hand, can be used to support a fully customized prosthetic dental bridge that is much slimmer in construction than dentures. This bridge is also fixed in the mouth and non-removable, negating much of the trouble patients typically experience with dentures. So, if you are edentulous (donít have a single original adult tooth left) or are facing an immediate future of edentulism, you may want to think twice about having removable dentures fitted. Teeth implants-supported bridges are the way to go, say qualified and experienced Sun City dentists!

The Benefits of Teeth Implants

As it was explained, removable dentures are bulky and rely upon (1) their mass and (2) the soft tissue-covered jaw bone ridge for support. This causes patients a whole host of problems, explains the Sun City dentist. Dentures rub against and transmit the forces associated with eating into the underlying gum tissue. This causes pain, discomfort, inflammation and the development of sores that donít get much of a chance to heal. Denture-wearers frequently need to invest in anesthetic gels to help numb the pain caused by their false teeth.

Teeth implants, on the other hand, are placed directly in the jaw bone and therefore transmit all the forces associated with eating into this hard tissue, as is the case with natural teeth. Teeth implants donít cause any pain or discomfort in the mouth and donít necessitate the use of anesthetic gels. Other benefits of teeth implants include:

  • Comfort: They provide full support for a dental bridge, which, unlike dentures (which rely on their bulk for support) is slim in construction. Teeth implants, therefore, donít trigger the gag reflex or impede taste ability or sensation. They also feel like natural teeth and not like a foreign object in the mouth.

  • Functionality: Dentures only allow for a bite force of 50 pounds per square inch and this greatly reduces a patientís ability to manage tougher, more fibrous and crunchy foods. After 15 years of denture-wearing, says the Sun City dentist, patients can only bite down with a force of 6 pounds per square inch, which is a 97% reduction in functionality! Teeth implants promote a healthy and strong bite of almost 200 pounds per square inch, enabling patients to eat all the foods they love and need to remain healthy.

  • Aesthetics: Teeth implants support a bridge that is expertly fabricated by the Sun City dentist to be virtually indistinguishable from a full set of natural healthy teeth. The ceramic material from which the crowns are made actually mimics the optical properties of real dental enamel! The bridge supported by teeth implants is not bulky and therefore doesnít push on the lips from inside the mouth, making them appear thin, stretched and aged. Teeth implants also support jaw bone health and, in the long term, preserve a patientís youthful facial contours.

A Final Note on Dentures and Teeth Implants

Teeth implants offer a far superior solution to edentulism and near-edentulism than removable dentures. In the long term, they work out to be far more cost effective too. Donít waste time, your youthful face and quality of life on an archaic teeth replacement solution, stress Sun City dentists. Teeth implants are the way to go!

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