Say Hello to Your New Godchild: Perfect New Baby Gifts

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A new baby is always a joyous occasion, and for godparents, it's an exceptional time in their lives. Being asked to be a baby's god parent is a significant and important task - it means that you are promising to look after the child's interests should the parents not be able to care for the baby. It is not a light promise and many people take the responsibility of being a godparent very seriously.

One of the most difficult things to do is to purchase the perfect new baby gift for a god child. The best idea for a new baby gift is to look to personalized gifts that you can dedicate to your new god child. With personalized gifts you can add their name, birth date and more.

There are a number of personalized gifts that you can choose from for your new god child:

Personalized Bibs

Personalized bibs are a cute gift to give your new god child. You can have a funny or appropriate saying embroidered on the bib, as well as the child's name and/or birth date, weight, and length.

Personalized Baby Blocks

Baby blocks make a great gift and can either be used for early spelling exercises or simply for show on a child's bookcase. You can have baby blocks made up for your new god child that include their name engraved on them, as well as their birth date, weight, and length or even a special message.

Personalized Blankets

Add your god child's name to the corner of a plush soft baby blanket and you have a great gift to give that the child can use and enjoy. You can also add the other pertinent information such as the baby's birth date, time of birth and other significant information.

Personalized Bracelets

You can choose from a variety of sterling silver or beaded bracelets that are emblazoned with your god child's name. Other jewellery is also readily available in personalized gifts.

Personalized Clothing

You can choose any style of clothing including sleepers, rompers, t-shirts, diaper covers, dresses, and more and have their name and other fun information embroidered on the cloth.

Personalized Cups

Personalized cups come in all shapes and sizes, styles and types and are made with a variety of different materials such as pewter, sterling silver and even plastic. You can have the cup engraved or emblazoned with your new god child's name, birth date, weight, and length as a sentimental keepsake.

Personalized Dolls

Give your god child their own special doll that has their name on the clothing or embroidered on the doll body. This gift idea is a wonderful and precious keepsake for any child.

Personalized DVD

There are many options for a personalized DVD as well; you can have one made with nursery rhymes or of footage taken of your god child and/or the family.

Personalized First Tooth and First Haircut Boxes

These are cute keep sakes for your new godchild where his or her parents can place their first lost tooth and a lock of hair from their first hair cut. Engraving their name on these tiny boxes adds a special touch.

Personalized Frames

Personalized frames come in a variety of different styles - you can have one made with their name, birth date, time, weight and length engraved in the frame and place their first picture in it. You can also do hand print and foot prints in the frame as well. You can do a name meaning framed picture, glass frame photo engraving, as well as plaques with a variety of information, quotes or sayings on them.

Personalized Night Lights

Give the gift of light and safety with a personalized night light. Many children utilize a night light to help them find their way in the middle of the night. Night lights can be personalized with a name making it an even more comforting sight during the night.

Personalized Photo Album

A gift which can be given that can last a lifetime is a personalized photo album. The gift of a thousand words in a photo album for your god child makes a great gift. Fill the photo album with pictures through every stage of life in this unique keep sake.

Personalized Teddy Bears

Give your god child the gift of a cuddly, soft teddy bear that has their name and, if you'd like their birth date, weight and length embroidered either on a soft teddy t-shirt or directly on the bear!

Personalized Wooden or Sterling Silver Crosses and other Religious Symbols

You can choose religious keepsakes for your new god child such as a wooden cross that is emblazoned with their name, birth date, time, weight, height and length.

You can also choose from a variety of "to my god child" gifts, many of which include the above with sayings about how you promise to cherish and help the new baby throughout their lives.

Lisa Parker is a freelance writer who writes about family, parenting and pregnancy, often describing great gift ideas such as personalized baby gifts .

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