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As if we didn't see enough blood and guts in the first two Saw movies, Saw 3 comes along and offers us still more of the same. Unfortunately, while the first and second movies catered to the intelligent crowd, the series has started the inevitable decline into the babes and booze group where we are treated to lots of blood and gore basically for the sake of lots of blood and gore.

The movie opens where the second one left off and the first one began: Our erstwhile hero, Detective Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg) is chained in the now famous bathroom with a handsaw and a horrible choice to make. After Matthews finds a way to solve his problem, we're whisked away to a series of several vignettes of horrifying deaths that are really not important to the plot but help to fill 30 minutes with lots of blood and gore for the type of person who really likes that kind of thing.

This time, the serial killer who made the first two movies so entertaining, Jigsaw is on his death bed and his apprentice Amanda (Shawnee Smith), kidnaps a brain surgeon whom she forces to do whatever it takes to keep Jigsaw alive so he can see his latest bag of tricks playing out before him. The movie then bounces back and forth between Jigsaw's final moments and the misery he was born to inflict on innocent victims.

The problem that Saw 3 begins to show is that after a while, you can't be intelligent in horror. After all, the most horrifying thing about horror is that the killing seems senseless. We might find it horrifying to watch a movie for example and the bombing of Berlin during World War II, but we still understand that it was all about doing something for the greater good. In the first two movies of the series, while the greater good was not served, we at least felt like there was a lesson to be learned by those who were dying these horrible deaths. But at a certain point, the people behind Saw stopped caring and decided that their audience were a bunch of booze hounds who just wanted blood and guts for the sake of blood and guts.

And then just to make sure that you know we're here for the lowest possible common denominator instead of the more intelligent horror viewers that the first Saw movie tried to attract, the final gotcha is explained not once but twice as if to say, "yeah we know you're a stupid bunch who are watching Saw 3 so in case you didn't get it, here it is again in slow motion."

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