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Each human want his own abode where he can spend time with his loved one. But juggling with the time he sometimes lost the race. Every one works hard to make some money for this family. Sometimes he neglects his loved one for one reason or the other. Human seed his own sorrows. The differences crop up to such an extent that relation torn apart. The family took a difficult decision of divorce each other to live happy once again
During this difficult time children were the worst sufferers. We, Houston child custody attorney have experience and expertise that how you can get your child custody? As we know that child security and his well being is your only motto. A conservator ship or custody determines the right and duties of each parent. The order explains which parent has an official right to keep the child. Who, when and where the parent can see his child and how he will be financially supported and who will take decisions on his behalf.

We dedicate our sincere efforts to get you back the child custody according to your wish.

Houston child custody attorney knew that generally court decide to appoint both parents to jointly manage the custody of their child keeping the best interest of the child in mind. Court firmly believes that child need support from both the parents but in severe circumstances if the court believe that one of the parent is not fit to keep the child due to some reason than the court can permit only one parent can look after the child, it can provide the sole managing conservator ship to the parent.

The holder of Standard Possession Order has a set of guide lines for the parent when and how long they can visit their child on weekends or mid week visitation. There is a special provision for holidays, spring and summer vacation. Court has permitted certain permission on mutual grounds to make some changes in the schedule plan. But if the visiting parents is a drug user or takes alcohol, court allows only supervised visitation for the well being of the child. The child can express his willingness to which he would like to stay by an affidavit. For this he/she should be twelve years or more. The court examined all the legal aspects carefully and will make decision on a best interest of the child standard norms.

Sometime it becomes difficult to adjudge that with whom the children should live. Houston child custody attorney represents the children. We held talks with parents, children and may visit their homes and schools to know the psychology and condition of the child at this crucial movement.

Child custody in Houston has a team of lawyers who are trained enough to handle the situation. Our amiable natured lawyers analysis the circumstances and reciprocate accordingly. Since the child is not competent to make this kind of decision, Houston child custody attorney provides their helping hand to the child to come out of this situation.

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