Save the innocence being crushed under the wheel of legal processes

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Marriage is an institution based on love and trust. Sometimes its foundation scattered due to betrayal, bankruptcy, alcoholism or domestic violence. Two souls who took vows to hold each other hand found loads of complaint and problems in each other. This discontentment leads to quarrels which makes the life hell. Both parties want a new lease of life through divorce. The only looser in this fight is the kids you are the mute watchers of this painful ordeal. Houston child custody lawyer provide assistance to all these distress couples who want to seek the custody of their kid.

Kids look at their parents as a role model and when they saw them fighting they became anxious and stressed. Sometimes they feel that they are the reason of their parents divorce but on contrary sometimes it was parents who use kids to shield them. Houston Child Custody Lawyer didn't believe in this approach. We believe that child should not be used as an escape goat. We work to protect their right against all odds.

Houston child custody lawyer provide parenting classes to parents so that they may avert their decision of divorce. But if the situation is beyond repairable we provide aggressive legal aid to all distress people.

Houston child custody lawyer designed divorce papers keeping the interest of kids in mind. We reduce the confusion and emotional chaos surrounding the case because sometimes both parties want the custody of the child. The court will appoint joint managing conservator ship keeping the interest of the child in mind. But if there are strong negative reasons, court can deny the joint managing conservator ship as this negativity can affect the physical health or emotional development of the kid.

Houston child custody lawyer helps the couples to get standard possession order to allow different visitation which the parties can change according to their convenience.

The most complicated question which is often remained unanswered that whom will get
the custody of the child? The court appoints an amicus attorney to assist in determining the parent with whom the children should live. The amicus attorney talks to parents, children and we visit their homes and school teachers, counselors and other family members to ascertain the best interest of the child.

Child custody lawyer in Houston identify and analyze different aspects and relevant information and develop solutions and investigate their interests and problems. We develop plan keeping the interest of child.

Child custody lawyer in Houston has a high rate of success in amiable divorce solutions. We counsel them that out of the court settlement are always better than legal proceedings. We make them understand that if you settle outside the court you can save lots of money for the welfare of your kid. Our lawyers were very intelligent and amiable so they handle their clients and child carefully and took every step very sincerely. We console them and provide them full satisfaction through our dedicated work.

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