Save Money By Canning Food At Home

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In an effort to reduce grocery expenses, many families are choosing to save money by canning food at home. An uncertain economy coupled with an increased cost of living has forced many people to reconsider their spending habits and to come up with a plan to be more frugal with their money. By growing and preparing your own food, you can cut costs without compromising quality, taste, or nutrition.

While canning your own food may seem like a lot of work, it is actually a time saving endeavor since the hours invested today will make meal preparation easier all year round. By canning fruits, vegetables, and even meats, you can stock up your pantry and enjoy a variety of options at a fraction of the cost. Purchasing necessary supplies requires a modest initial cost, but your return on investment will far outweigh your original expense. The benefits of canning your own food are numerous and include the following.

1. A sense of pride and self-reliance. When you can take care of yourself without depending on the market or the economy, you feel a sense of security.

2. Self-sufficiency. Growing and preparing your own food allows you to be your own supermarket. You no longer need to worry about seasonal price increases, availability, or food shortages.

3. Healthy eating. Canning fruits and vegetables within hours of harvest allows you to retain the maximum amount of nutrition possible. Also, when trying to adhere to a budget, many people will purchase lower quality, less nutritious food. By having several healthy options available, you can avoid prepackaged or unhealthy meals.

4. Chemical free food. When you grow your own food, you control both the chemicals sprayed and the preparation processes used. You can enjoy the taste and health benefits without the side effects of harmful pesticides or preservatives.

5. Lower food costs. Purchasing seeds and plants requires an initial cost, but with proper care, the yield can be extremely high. Canning your own food allows you to become a saver rather than a spender, helping you to cut food costs by hundreds of dollars a year.

6. Affordable gifts. Decorate your jars and give them as gifts to friends, teachers, or neighbors. The recipients will really appreciate your thoughtfulness and your gift budget will benefit.

While canning food may look difficult, it is really quite simple. And there are several easy to follow guides that will provide you with step by step instructions, safety tips, and helpful recipes. By using either water bath canning or pressure canning, you can stock your shelves with virtually anything.

For standard meals, you can prepare fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish. Or spice up your menu by canning soups, sauces, salsa, chili, jams, and even milk products. Even if you don't have a garden, you can purchase local, in season produce, or visit farmer's markets and meat suppliers to buy larger quantities at a reasonable price. And all your work will pay off when you can open a few jars and prepare a quick, yet nutritious and delicious meal, on a busy winter day.

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