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In the global scenario the current day business world is actually shrinking. Online get together whether for business purpose or entertainment is being touted right from the days when internet started playing a larger than life role in business. Audio, video and web conferencing facilities have actually opened up several new vistas for the modern business world. Initially it did strive hard to gain acceptance against the traditional way of conducting business. However things have changed. With recession lingering around the corner the need to cut costs and constraint expense is all the more. Businesses have been forced to take a second look at the immense benefits that web conferencing can provide. The primary benefit is the cost and time savings that web conferencing can bring together for a business.

In terms of internet technology there has been a dramatic growth through the penetration of higher bandwidth through cable modem and DSL's. Online communication using audio and video is a very viable option for businesses whether they are small scale or large scale. If we take some previous records into count in early 2000 the web conferencing business was just worth half a billion dollar industry and ever since it has been rising consistently with a 30% growth. Today it stands at an enormous figure because of the cost cuts and savings a business can have.

How does audio, video and web conferencing save money for business?
Business travel means expenditure in the form of air tickets and hotel accommodations and the other benefits which tag along. It could be anywhere in the world and the cost to support one business executive could run high enough. However the whole concept of business travel is for giving that personal touch for customers. Today web conferencing is able to give the personal touch without the business executives having to travel miles across.

Benefits of web conferencing:

Other than time and cost cutting there are several other benefits that web conferencing brings along.

Employees can handle their time more efficiently and productively. Internal and external communication for them improves because they do not need the turn around time to "get back" on queries as they are right in their office

Provides the option of expanding the business to anywhere in the world and not yet spend exorbitant amounts f money in setting up costs.

Online training to HR recruiting and marketing can be facilitated through web conferencing.

Web conferencing is a great business tool to have. Even though it can never replace the conventional face to face meetings it is still an effective way to bridge those gaps. Businesses that pursue web conferencing need to consider the fundamentals of web conferencing. Many leading providers today offer the state of the art facilities and in order to choose a quality product that is flawless, it should be an easy to use service that a busy and harried business executive can use. The learning curve should be minimal and there should 24/7 customer support service to support the conferencing facilities.

Author is consultant for audio conferencing service and video conferencing service offering companies.

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