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TV is the best source of entertainment at home. Programs of different genres are available for people of all ages on the TV channels. But people look for quality entertainment and quality they do not mean high standard programs. They want their TV sets to emit supreme quality of picture and sound. Variety in entertainment is provided by the cable operators but now people are switching over to the Satellite TV service, as it is far superior than cable technology in terms of output. Day by day, the demand for Satellite TV service is going up making it a struggle for existence for the cable TV operators. But considering Satellite TV as a cost burden many people are still continuing with the cable. But is Satellite TV really a cost burden? Not really! On the contrary, one can save a lot by subscribing Satellite TV service. DISH Network, the leading Satellite TV service provider in US offers services and packages that instead of raising your monthly expenses help you save money. Wondering how? Let's check out:

Digital output: Being a Satellite TV service provider, DISH Network provides services through digital signals which bring more clarity in video and output. Cable TV service providers charge extra for digital services which you do not need to spend if DISH Network is at your home.

HD Channels: DISH Network offers plenty of programming packages at affordable prices. The DISH Network packages are not only loaded with channels among which some offer HD quality picture and sound, something that you simply cannot expect from your local cable operator. Even if they do, you will be charged a lot extra but as a DISH Network you get some of these channels for free.

Equipments: The only equipment that you get from your local cable operator is a cable and a jack that connects your TV with the signal box. But while bringing home DISH Network you get a DISH antenna that you can operate on your own according to your need, a DISH Receiver or set top box that processes satellite signals sent by the antenna and a remote control to surf channels. You have complete freedom here. In case there of adverse weather condition or angle deviation of the dish antenna you can reset it yourself to get back the required service but if you are a cable tv subscriber you may have to wait for hours for them to adjust things. Moreover, it offers free DISH HD receiver for capturing HD signals and a DVR where you can record your shows for watching later. Though the DVR is chargeable but you can pay the price in EMIs. But do your cable operator at all offers such things? So now calculate, are you actually spending more or saving more.

Variety in entertainment: DISH Network is far ahead of cable TV in terms of variety in entertainment. Not only does it offers lot more channels but it ensures that people of all ages get something to rejoice. From movies to sports, art and culture to special interest, kids show to adult programming, DISH Channels are available for all. To make sure that international communities are not deprived from entertainment, DISH Network offers various international programming packages like DISH Latino, ARABIC and Chinese Great Wall. Such packages are also available for the Italians, Koreans, Vietnamese, Russians, Ukranians and several other communities. Yes these are all pay packages but are available at prices that cable operators can never offer.

Customer Service: Along with superior quality entertainment, one gets the assurance of prompt services from DISH Network. In case of any issues, DISH Network staff rush customers' homes and resolve them quickly.

DISH Network service is the most economic thing to opt for in terms of entertainment services. DISH Network Packages doesn't only provide lots of channels but also offers facilities and equipments that are not available with cable operators.

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