Satellite TV Providers And Subscribers’ Misfortune

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People around the United States of America are having great time with satellite TV providers, who offer great number of packages with hundreds of channels airing finest programs, movies and sports. But it seems that since they have had enough good times with these satellite TV providers, it is time for misfortunes! With regard to different allegations pouring in against DirecTV, (that seems to increase every day), it is understood that people are having several issues with the satellite TV service provider.

A popular and leading satellite TV provider in the nation, DirecTV has indulged into unethical business practices and luring customers in to signing up with them. This has been in fact, proved by researches and in depth studies that DirecTV is resorting to malpractices and goof ups and deceiving customers largely. Moreover, complaints do bear testimony to the fact that DirecTV is following scams and cheating subscribers.

From different complaints, we can make out the range of malpractices that DirecTV has followed. Be it early termination fee, hidden fee and charges, equipment issues, advertisement goof ups, or misleading sales pitch, DirecTV has not left a single stone unturned to increase its revenue and grab the No.1 position in the rat of satellite TV providers in the US. Countless problems have been faced by subscribers, who are simply pissed of this provider. Some have even pledged not to recommend DirecTV to any customer, whereas others have by all means tried to expose this hard fact that a brand company like DirecTV can follow paths of deception and fraud.

Here is another sad incidence of a subscriber who suffered losses at the hands of DirecTV. He was charged for uninstalled services! In fact, he was continuously billed for the service that was never taken by him! Shocking, right! How can a company like this charge a consumer for services that were never offered? Well, giving you the detailed version of the story. This subscriber got DirecTV and was installation was due.

When the technician came, he couldn’t install the dish, since some HOA approval was missing with the subscriber, which usually takes around 2 months to receive. So, this actually postponed installation. However, post approval, installation was provided. However, the customer was constantly billed for earlier services, which was never installed. He was taken aback at this careless serviced of DirecTV. Nevertheless, he managed to speak to a customer rep, who assured that he would be called back by a supervisor, which never happened.

The scenario got worst, as the subscriber was doubly billed, without getting any response from customer care. Getting irritated with the bills and the increasing amount, he cancelled his credit card to avoid any further charges. He was really shocked when DirecTV asked him for cancellation fee. Truly, this is bewildering that how DirecTV can charge him cancellation fee, when he didn’t cancel anything in the first place! In fact, he never asked for anything, it was just a bad coincidence that when installer tech came, he didn’t have the HOA approval, as he missed the HOA meeting somehow. All these incidents led him into trouble and into the scam of DirecTV.

Sophia Johnson is an eminent writer of social media and also a DirecTV customer for last two years. But recently she faces some problems while renewing her package plans, and being a writer she feels it’s her social duty to let her countrymen know about this malpractice of DirecTV. To know more about it visits my Facebook page.

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