Satellite TV and Pay per View Movies - a Match made in Heaven

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It was the second wet Sunday in a row and not being able to take the family to the beach was getting to be a major problem. I'd re-read all my favorite books, we'd played endless games of checkers, and got bored with watching TV. Then one of the boys suggested we should take a trip to the video store and pick up a couple of movies, whilst the youngest told us in no uncertain terms that she wanted to watch the latest Harry Potter movie.

As was expected the video store had been very busy and all the most popular movies were out on loan, including the Harry Potter series. We returned home empty handed and dejected. It was then that we realized that our satellite TV provider had a library of hundreds of older movies - both new releases and old, family favorites.

The family had been with our current satellite TV provider for less than 12 months after converting from cable TV and I'd have to say I hadn't had a good look at the other satellite TV services they offered. So I set out to see what other premium packages were available in addition to those we were receiving.

The package we were receiving included channels and topics that suited our family's interests, and at a price we considered to be good value. Although we realized that in the future the children would need to have access to programs that would help with their school work, at the moment what we had was acceptable.

However, looking through the packages offered by our provider I quickly learned that they had a large and comprehensive range of movies available, both the recently released ones, and the older and still popular favorites. The latest movies were available through 4 movie packages - HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz - offering a large number of channels. The packages could be bought individually or as a group for a reduced price.

Some of the entertainment packages also show a variety of sports events; musical performances and shows; and concerts all on a pay-per-view basis.

But it was being able to choose from the large and comprehensive library of older and classic movies that was of interest.

A subscriber could arrange to see one of these movies at a pre-arranged time and date for a very moderate price, far cheaper than the regular video stores. The range of films available is huge. From westerns, war films, through to sci-fi, romances, comedy, historical and everything in between, all tastes are covered and all family members will find something of interest.

Ordering a movie from the available selection could not be easier. There are three very straightforward methods of ordering.

1) Order using the remote control following the on-screen instructions

2) Order online through the TV provider's web site.

3) Order by speaking to a sales assistant via phone. This will incur a small charge.

All fees and charges involved appear on the subscribers next statement.

The convenience of watching classic movies from the TV provider's library in the comfort of your own home is not to be ignored.

Watch at a date and time that's convenient to the family

The films can be watched several times during the first 24 hours.

The library has movies in high definition as well as the standard format.

Ordering movies can be done without leaving home,

Never again will a night's entertainment be spoiled by hiring a faulty DVD.

The choice of movies is huge - much larger than the average video store. With something for everyone.

Video on demand increase a family's home entertainment options and with some subscribers rates as the best dish TV service.

The popularity of watching some of the best movies ever made from a satellite TV provider's library has meant that the video stores are feeling the effects of this competition. The satellite TV providers have a huge advantage in fulfilling the expectations that the public have of a convenient service, and they are using this advantage to great effect to increase their market share.

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