Satellite TV And Misleading Marketing Strategies

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Satellite TV providers have long been in the market and offering several offers and deals to attract consumers. Indeed, people have been drawn towards these popular providers for several reasons. They offer great promotional packs, numerous programming packages and channels that provide a good dose of home entertainment to subscribers. But who knew that these offers were full of drawbacks? Very few of us think about the pitfalls first while purchasing anything. We just consider the offerings and make the choice. Perhaps, this is the reason why several people in America are having troubles with one such satellite TV provider DirecTV.

DirecTV is no doubt a well known satellite provider that has gripped the entire nation with its superb packages that appear all the more lucrative through its wonderful sales pitch. The advertisement and promotions are too magnetic to leave any single individual away from getting into the contract. And it has certainly pull millions of customers into its subscription.

We know that marketing strategies do convey that a product or service should be portrayed its best while advertising. It definitely employs plans to attract a huge number of people towards the company. But it does not mean that the policies will be unclear and dubious! Many companies opt for price reduction as a measure to bring in more customers, but it does not intend to have hidden fee and charges.

However, DirecTV seem to have adopted all sorts of unethical approaches so that people are much more attracted towards it than any other provider. In the process, it has goofed up things and used ambiguous marketing policies that have misled subscribers into signing up with the provider. In order to show anger and offense, subscribers have complained the Attorney Generals in their State regarding scams of DirecTV.

In fact, AGs have also reported that the satellite TV giant has continuously violated consumer rules and fair business ethics. In one of the statements, a renowned AG has remarked, “The miniscule 5.5 point fine print at the bottom of a DIRECTV advertisement is enough to give someone a migraine. Even if consumers used a magnifying glass, they still wouldn’t discover that the 'good deal' they were promised came with potential expensive pitfalls.”

However, in order to settle disputes regarding the deceptive marketing trade practices, DirecTV has agreed to pay a fine of $13.25 million along with complete restitution to subscribers who have been falsely roped into the scam. So, if have been cheated as well, you can immediately file a complaint with the Attorney General in your state. In case, you were a customer of DirecTV since Jan 1 2007, you will be eligible to receive compensation.

If you are a resident of California, then you have until June 9 to file a complaint with the Attorney General's office at Others non-Californians will have to reach AGs in their state and find out the eligibility of refund and its procedure. However, it is certain that if you have been scammed, you will receive compensation.

Sophia Johnson is an eminent writer of social media and also a DirecTV customer for last two years. But recently she faces some problems while renewing her package plans, and being a writer she feels it’s her social duty to let her countrymen know about this malpractice of DirecTV. To know more about it visits my Facebook page.

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