Satellite Dish - A new way to entertainment

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Satellite dish have been creating a buzz in the entertainment industry with its capability to transmit Television Channels and Radio Broadcast across continents. With a new edition of High Definition transmission, it has proved to be a great success.

Satellite Dish is a dish-shaped parabolic antenna designed to receive the transmitted microwaves from communication satellites. These have a long history and are of different types which include first; Motor driven dish. It is mounted on a pole and driven by a servo or a stepper motor that can be rotated and controlled to face any satellite position in the sky with three competing standard USAL (Universal Satellites Automatic Location System), DiSEqC (Digital Satellite Equipment Control) and 36V positioners. These are among the most popular satellite dishes for HDTV transmission as they allow more than 10,000 channels to be accessed worldwide with no monthly charges at all.

Secondly, there are Multi satellite dish which allows access to multiple satellites without repositioning the dish. Due to multiple accesses, this dish is larger as compared to motor driven dish. Then there is Very Small Aperture Terminal Dish (VSAT); the third type commonly used to transmit information on radio frequencies and is used to transfer short signals.

Forth type is Ad Hoc or direct to home designed to receive audio frequencies. When used in colligation with direct to home dish, the reception of signal is greatly improved. The fifth type is Automatic tracking satellites used by people traveling to remote areas which are equipped with gyroscope to allow positional changes which let them be installed on moving vehicles as seen in news media and government vehicles. For the technology to draw in the signal and automatically track the vehicle, the satellites are equipped with advanced decoders to allow easy and quick reception.

Then there is sixth and the last type which is television receive only satellite dish. These dishes are made to clear the audio and video signal problems with the television set and receive signal from the fixed type of service satellite. But in order to receive the signal, dish must be configured in a specific line of sight and tuned to a particular frequency. All these kind of satellite dish allows various kind of satellite TV transmission that is Direct Broadcast via satellite, Television Receive Only and Direct to Home service.

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