San Diego Bail Bonds

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If an individual commits a crime in San Diego County in the State of California, he or she must be taken to a local San Diego law enforcement station. There, he or she awaits a trial or incarceration in a California state prison or San Diego county jail. However, while waiting in the local San Diego law enforcement station, the defendant may opt to pay a certain amount of money or forfeit something of value in order to be released. This money or valuable item is kept by the county until the person appears in court for his or her trail. This money or valuable item is known as bail, as serves as collateral to guarantee that the person will appear in court for their trial and not flee. Once the person appears in court for their full duration, the bail is returned.

There are five types of San Diego bail bonds that defendants may utilize. There are cash bonds, surety bonds, property bonds, release on own recognizance, and release on citation. There are also special instances for federal bail bonds and immigration bail bonds, depending on the type of crime that has been committed in San Diego. If a defendant opts to use a surety bond, Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds can help. With a San Diego surety bail bond, a contract between the defendant and our licensed bail bondsmen is created. We put up the money or collateral for your bail, and in turn we require a percentage of the bail be paid to us after your San Diego, California State, or federal trial. Often, other stipulations will be included in the contract with the San Diego bail agent, such as admittance to a drug treatment or rehabilitation program.

At Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds, bail bondsmen Greg and Tonya Rynerson will also make sure that your bail is imposed in accordance with the Eight Amendment, which states that "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted." Though using a cash bond or property gives you the ability to use your own money or property to use for bail, it may not always be the best choice. Using a San Diego bail bondsmen ensures that the bail is imposed legally, frees up your current cash to use for important lawyers fees and bills, and keeps your property safe. With a property bond, your property usually needs to be worth twice the bail! Keep your money in your bank account to be used for more important things. We will put up the money for you so that your money and property stay safe and sound. If you or someone you love has been arrested for a crime in San Diego County, call Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds today at 1-888-BAIL-BOND for our headquarters and 619-BAIL NOW for San Diego bail bonds.

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