Samsung washing machines: The next step in innovation

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Technology has empowered the washing machines of today to give a pleasant experience to housewives (in particular) while they go on about the ever essential chore of washing clothes. However, from the immense multitude of options that are available to consumers today, Samsung, the world leader in consumer electronics, offers the best possible combination of science and economy not only in the initial costs, but even in operability, with better utilisation of energy to result in considerably lower running costs over a period of time. Following is a glimpse at all the revolutionary technological advancements that have been put into place in the numerous products of Samsung washing machines.

Air Wash Technology: Clothes receive a much better washing experience, albeit without any water or detergent, thanks to the Air Wash technology in Samsung washing machines. Even clothes that are meant to be only dry cleaned, can now be cleaned at home without any risk of damage. This is achieved using the tremendous blowing power of Samsung washing machines, and hot air, which removes unpleasant smells, microscopic allergens, harmful bacteria and microbes

Silver Wash Technology: Another unique 'wash' technology from Samsung, Silver Wash encompasses a three step procedure to achieve a stain, odour and 99.9999% bacteria free wash. This is achieved by introducing silver ions in the water while the clothes are being washed, by the melting of silver crystals present in the machine. These ions are then permeated in the clothes to give the best possible washing experience.

Diamond Drum: In keeping with the tradition of innovation at Samsung, the Diamond Drum, i.e., a one of a kind washing drum shape with diamond like depressions on the walls, delivers better washing along with care for different kinds of fabrics. It has been proven that damage due to wear and tear during washing is lowered by 79% in Samsung washing machines, with the smaller holes ensuring no fabric sticks out, and drastically reducing the chances of entanglement, which is another reason for damage that results in lower shelf life of clothes.

Wool Wash: Woollen clothes are given the extra care they deserve from Samsung. More often than not, just using the appropriate detergent solution is not enough for woollen garments, and that is the reason why they are in so much better shape when they are given to a professional laundry, since the method of washing is as important as the liquid. With Samsung, the extra laundry costs can be obviated, as the Wool course gives just the right treatment to sensitive woollens, and cleans them gently but effectively.

Voltage Control: Power cuts and fluctuations are not an unheard-of thing in India, and most of the times, regular washing machines begin the cycle right from the start, so even if the clothes have reached the last minute of drying, they still have to undergo the whole process, which is not only a waste of time and energy, but also results in more wear and tear that is both unavoidable but unnecessary. However, Samsung washing machines, with the Voltage Control Technology, resume the wash cycle from where it was interrupted due to a power cut. The technology also protects the machine against fluctuations ranging from 165V to 400V.

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