SAMSUNG UN55B8000 55 1080p LED HDTV - Very Good But Not Perfect

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Clarity and color are breathtaking. Literally everything you see looks like it was shot with a camera rather than consumer-grade cameras per grade. This TV makes it seem like things are happening in front of you in your room very personal.

You see every strand of hair, every wrinkle, every mole and blemish on the face. You must see to believe. One way to describe it is that everything is "different" than what may have been used to seeing. I recommend you see this TV in a shop in brick-n-mortar to see what I mean.

The number of adjustments menu is beyond what any of us, not in the business of making these televisions will ever need. For people who want to try, here is your chance.

However, this TV is not perfect.

1. Reverse shows vignetting on corners where very dark scenes you can see the lighting angle protruding significantly the screen. It looks like a flash is projecting from the corner. The same angle is very dark, but a very weak light spreads in a pattern of fans from every corner towards the center of the screen. This is only visible in very dark scenes where the color of the main display is black. You can not view this as normal.

2. The stand does not feel sturdy. If you press the top of the bezel, the screen will oscillate back and forth ... I crazy the first time that I did when I hit the screen when placing the TV on my entertainment stand. Looking at the attachment point, Samsung is going super cheap, the technique of current attack is not on a TV in this price range.

You have (literally) a shoe-lace attached to a triangular piece of plastic that connects to your TV. The other end is supposed to be attached to the wall or your stand. This is really inappropriate for a TV of this caliber and I think my biggest disappointment with this TV.

As technology advances LED display, I'm sure this TV will be outperformed future models from Samsung or competing brands. However, for now, this is a great HD display with some imperfections.

I'm happy for the purchase and look forward to many years of service.

SAMSUNG UN55B8000 55 1080p LED HDTV - Beware of Uneven Backlight

I bought this TV because the picture quality is generally good and is incredibly thin. However, there are some problems with the set that are making me crazy.

The backlight is extremely irregular corners. In dark scenes (such as credits or all of the films letter-box) you see little lights from the corners. Once you see (and see) will not be able to avoid it.

The auto dimming feature is poorly implemented. Again, in credits or scenes where there is more dark than light, you turn the backlight down "contrast ratio". However, when TV changes its mind about the scene, the previously dim areas appear white bright white. It seems very strange.

I read that there are "workarounds", but some of them will enter the service menu (which apparently voids the warranty). This TV should work better in dark scenes for the price.

SAMSUNG UN55B8000 55 1080p LED HDTV
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