Samsung Phones Racing Ahead at Breathtaking Speed!

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There is no denying that Samsung phones have made lot of inroads into the market share here in the UK. Driven by an undenying zeal to excel and make a mark for itself Samsung mobile phones is now more than a name to reckon with here.

Early December, 2010 saw Samsung make a major policy shift and merged into The move had only one objective. To make all product related information and other relevant developments more easily and readily accessible to all concerned. This also implies that parallely, the user can access all entertainment related information including applications by simply logging on to Now, this development only shows the level of importance that the South Korean mobile phone giant gives to the mobile phone market prevailing in the UK. This is not all. Any new product or feature updation or release of a new application from Samsung always finds immediate releast here.

Samsung had even earlier had high quality products. Its ability to churn out fabulous phone handsets that simply amaze you with its technical prowess. After all, smartphone handsets like the Samsung Corby or the Samsung Tocco Lite and so mnay others, were more than a match when pitted against their rivals across the industry. And unlike HTC, Apple and the RIM produced Blackeberry, Samsung always catered to all segments of the customer base and did not stuck to one customer segment at all. Hence, be it the higher end, the middle category or the value end of the market place, Samsung had a couple of phone handsets for each of these brackets.

How successful it is can be gauged from the fact that the premier mobile phone company has more than captured a substantial share of the market place here. Just to give an example of its performance, the samsung Galaxy s has by December-end, 2010 sold a gigantic 10 million units world wide. This was truly living up its reputation as the number one Apple iPhone killer. You really don't need to be an mobile phone industry expert to realize that a good part of this whopping number is from the UK market only.

If its proven prowess in the mobile phone handsets was not enough, Samsung last November, 2010 got out the first ever serious competition to the Apple iPads. The Samsung Galaxy Tab simply stunned the mobile tablet world with its inherent magic called technology

Be it slider phones or the applicaton of the super AMOLED display, the adoptin of Android operating system or the monstrous Hummingbird in its higher end smartphone handsets, Samsung simply put, is on a roll.

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