Samsung OfficeServ is not a Bad Choice

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If you are an organisation with fewer than 500 extensions and you are looking for a telephone system then the Samsung OfficeServ is quite a good choice actually. There are numerous areas where it will beat the competition hands down and this is born out by its success in winning market share. In this guide we will break the main plusses into some manageable chunks.

The Price Competitiveness of the Samsung OfficeServ

It is a fact that certain global territories have a higher price of production. Manufacturers such as Cisco, Mitel and the now defunked Nortel are all North America based and experience the territorial costs associated with that part of the world. Meanwhile, Siemens, Alcatel and Aastra (formerly Ascom) have the pricing concomitant with a European base. It was the Japanese who first broke the pricepoint strategies of telecoms through companies such as Panasonic, Toshiba and Nitsuko (NEC) in the 1980s. These days the Koreans have smashed the costing so it is brands like the Samsung OfficeServ that truly boast the lowest cost of ownership. As with cars it is Hyundai, Nissan, Peugeot and Cadillac in that order! So expect the Samsung OfficeServ to victor financially both at the time of purchasing and more importantly ongoing.

Resilience of the Samsung OfficeServ

The Samsung OfficeServ range extends to numerous models and the 7100, 7200, 7200S and 7400 all benefit from an SD card slot in the processor. This can be set to take scheduled back-ups of programming to aid in instant disaster recovery if there is any sort of failure. Engineers also report the Samsung OfficeServ as being generally easy to work on and they particularly love the blade architecture that makes swap outs a piece of cake.

An Abundance of Samsung OfficeServ Suppliers

There are an estimated 800 vendors of Samsung OfficeServ within the UK alone. Although most of these acquire kit through distributors there are circa 25 who deal directly with Samsung. Eight Platinum maintainers exist in the United Kingdom for those who want impeccable service guarantees. So ask your prospective installer where they sit in the hierarchy.

Samsung OfficeServ Ease of Use

It is undisputed that all equipment has functionality beyond the requirement of customers. The issue is how simple this is to get at. The user interface is simplicity itself and all OfficeServs come with Samsung OfficeServ IT tool for the information technology manager for your business.

The Convergence Leader is Samsung OfficeServ

But you still have the option of using traditional TDM telephones if you so wish. There is a world-class mobility solution as mobex working is standard. Your mobiles can be an extension number and you will enjoy more benefits in the future if you buy Samsung cellular phones.

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