Samsung Eternity A867 Phone Is Designed To Be Sleek And Innovative.

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While remaining durable and long lasting the phones offer Bluetooth capabilities, ultra thin phones, slider hand sets and a number of other desirable features for its users on the go. You can shop for flashy skins and bulky covers, but they'll make your device bigger and they'll detract from the sleek design of your gadget. When you're looking for the ultimate Samsung Eternity A867 cover, this product has a reputation for being the best and most durable on the market. It looks great, but, the removal of WinMo really screws it up for me. I mean, even if they swapped it for another smart phone OS like Symbian it would've been better.

The menu comes in an icon or list design. Both are intuitive with a variety of easily accessible features. This cell phone is able to be customized with specially designed widgets. The Samsung Eternity has a large 3.2" touch screen that has good support and this phone provides subtle vibration that confirms selections. You can see that slim design is really eye-catching. Unique white zebra design with high quality will make you feel the joy of having this beautiful Leather pouch.

Perfect cutouts and slim design ensuring maximum functionality of the Samsung Eternity A867. This case is made of innovative silicone material of the highest durability.

Simple codes to be entered via phones keypad and you are done. Make a call with the Virtual alphanumeric keypad and keep in touch. Compose and enter text easily with either the alphanumeric keypad or the full Qwerty. T9 predictive text entry, multitap, numeric, symbols and emoticons help you respond even faster.

This is a really neat little device, the Qwerty keyboard is really good and it makes an excellent messaging device, but the lack of voice dial and speed dial greatly diminish the usefulness of this device as a phone. The old phonebook index trick is pretty useless since it only works with numbers stored on your SIM, and theres no way to know which number is at what index. Stop looking for traditional cell phone cases, covers, and screen protectors. The mobile Browser is not as strong as the iPhones, it is still an brilliant browsing experience for a non-smart phone.

The phone supports fast 3G connectivity for super fast web browsing experience. Best applications for mobile phones. It is meant to compete with similar touch phones, like the 3G iPhone.

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