Saline breast implants - The most popular form of breast augmentation

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Ever since the days of recorded history, female breasts have been seen as objects of great fascination for both men and women. Modern history has seen the size of the ideal breast range from flat in the 30s to the buxom fullness that it is today. Unfortunately, with the misgivings of genetics, not all females are endowed with these symbols of womanhood.

Long gone are those days when the padded bra and falsies were acceptable. In today's modern age, something more scientific and permanent was called for. The first breast implants were made available around the late 60s. Women quickly became attached to them. And some implants also became attached to them--unfortunately.

Prior to the development of successful implants, breast augmentation was tried with self body fat, dermal grafts, fat injections, paraffin injections, insertion of ivory, rubber, even glass balls. After years of experimenting, the two materials safest and most compatible for use within the human body turned out to be silicone and saline. Saline, being more natural, using the exact same saline as IV infusions and consistent and the saline content already in the body, has become the most desirable.

All saline breast implants have a single lumen or cavity made of silicone elastomer. There are three different types. One type is filled during the operation with a fixed volume of saline with no post-op adjustments. Another is filled with saline through a valve that can allow for volume adjustments after insertion. A third type is pre-filled with a fixed volume.

As you might expect, saline implants come in all shapes and sizes. Round implants are the most popular shape because they can accommodate to most body types. They also tend to produce a more rounded appearance to the upper chest. Shaped breast implants are designed to reflect the slope of the chest. They also come in different styles for various degrees of "perkiness" or projection in the breast profile.

The shells also come smooth or textured. There is no appreciable difference in function between the two; it's more of a personal preference of how you want the implant to feel through the skin. And usually, as with every one of the choices involved, this too, is decided between you and the plastic surgeon. He will show you the exact implants he plans to use and using computer animation is able to let you see before and after.

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