Saddam Hussein's Life

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Saddam Hussein is considered as one of the most well-known individuals in history, and has been seen in various different images as either a man of good will or a man with evil intentions. It cannot be argued though, that Saddam Hussein has been an instrumental figure in world history, however one chooses to see him. Born on April 28, 1937, Saddam Hussein started out as a young boy who grew up in a small village just outside of the small town of Takrit, and eventually grew up to become a leader to some and a tyrant to others.

The world's knowledge of Saddam Hussein really took shape when he became one of the primary members of the Ba'ath Party, which is a revolutionary group that is aligned with principles of of Arab socialism, pan-Arabism, and modernization. Saddam Hussein was one of the main contributors to the coup that happened in 1968, which led to the resurrection of his Ba'ath Party back into its seat of power. Saddam Hussein eventually became the president, ruling from 1980 to 1988, and was also in power when the Persian Gulf War broke out in 1991. Saddam Hussein was also responsible for pacifying a number of separatist movements that did not side with him, with the Kurdish and the Shi'a movements as two of the more prominent ones. Later in Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003, he was captured for invading Iraq, tried, and sentenced to death. He convicted in November of 2006 and was executed in December of 2006. is a web site that offers a lot of information for everyone regarding the life and times of Saddam Hussein. The web site offers a lot of different articles that provide information and facts about the man's life, presented in an unbiased and purely factual manner. The web site is a great online resource for anyone needing information about Saddam Hussein, his history, Iraq, and the various different conflicts that he participated in.

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