RV Solar Panels What Are They

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If you want the ultimate energy independence for your motor home, RV solar panels are what you need. Nothing can beat it because as long as the sun shines, you will get abundant power. You can use your electric oven, plug in your laptop, or do whatever you need to, knowing that you have all the energy you need. If you are thinking about having your own, find out more about them below.

The panels are the most visible component of your solar system. They consist of an array of individual photo voltaic cells, which are placed in a rigid frame. The modern RV solar panels come in eighty, one-twenty-watt capacity, and their sized from 2 by 3 inches and 2 by 4 inches. They are made this way so that they will readily fit when placed on a regular RV roof. Your solar panels may also be ‘tethered,' through a flexible piece of wire; then you may place them on the ground.

When you do it this way, your panels will be oriented to the sunlight during any time of the day. These panels do not come with any moving parts and most of them have a ten-year warranty. If you ever need more capacity, you may wire them together and have an increase in your system's power.

Another major component of an RV solar system is its bank of batteries. They are deep cycled and are different from your everyday automobile batteries. Batteries for RV solar panels are designed to be charged repeatedly, but remember not to routinely discharge them, for maximum performance. The capacity of these batteries should be balanced with the same amount of solar charging capability your whole system has.

When you choose, make sure that you anticipate all your power needs. Giving additional allowance is a smart thing to do since they will come in handy during cloudy weather. There is a component of the RV solar system in connection with the batteries. It is the charge controller. These are used to ensure that batteries do not become overcharged. There are certain types that even come with over-temperature protection.

Last but not the least is the inverter. This device is needed if you plan to operate AC appliances using solar charged batteries. Once again, choose the size according to power needs of your RV solar panels. The best thing to do is buy one that that is at least mid-range in current supply. This way, all appliances may function.

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