Running an Affiliate Marketing Without a website

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If you choose to run an affiliate marketing business, you should have your personal website. This is the best page where you will promote your affiliate marketing products. But actually it is not really necessary. There are several affiliate marketing business strategies that you can possibly use. There are many factors to consider, but only a few to choose. The following are: email marketing, writing articles to e-groups, joining online discussions etc. You will learn further the significance of these methods. These are important in promoting your affiliate business products without creating your own web site.

Email Marketing- Using this kind of method, you can promote your affiliate marketing business without creating a web site. People who interact on the internet can connect to your affiliate links that are available on your email address, and direct immediately to the main products’ web site. They can purchase it directly by just clicking your product.

Your email address should contain an introduction or description of the product that you are promoting. Connect also your business affiliate links to your chosen products. Try to create an email that will enhance your customers’ interests and attention, write it precisely.

Try to invite and connect to other people to expand your contact lists. Customize as many methods as you can just to gain more email addresses from other affiliates. Interact in online forums, chat forums, join groups etc. to gather new connections. Your email lists must contain at least hundred contacts. But do not make it spam. Never send emails to people that you do not know yet.

Offline promotion- There are some offline methods of advertising which you can use. Examples are classified ads, flyers etc. The best option is the classified ads because of its largest exposure.

Creating Free E-Books- This is just the same as email marketing. But in this process, you will create the most-detailed and interesting e-books that you will send to your customers through their email address. These e-books must be easy to read and useful for their customers. The subject contents must be relevant to your chosen affiliate marketing products so that you can promote the products in the body of the e-book itself. Otherwise, you can add a brief description about your affiliate products and affiliate links for advertising. If your e-books will be very in-demand, they will visit your online business affiliate’s website and start purchasing.

Writing while Interacting- Look for some forums, at least three which are related to your online business product and those that have high ranks in SEO. You must sign in to those to become a member and start interacting in the forum where there are so many members joining in. You can simply post your questions or rather answer some questions as long as you mingle yourself in. Just remember not to add any advertising schemes to the body of your posts. You can put your signature at the end of your posts. This can be your name or your affiliate links.

When you will become an active member of this forum, you will be a famous member. As a result, you can increase the traffic of your merchant website through your affiliate links which you have connected with it. The products that you are ultimately promoting will become very saleable.

Writing Articles- You can create an article anytime and publish them to a lot of free-article submission sites. You can easily insert your affiliate links in the body of your article. If your articles will be very organized, well-detailed and the article submission sites are high in ranking page, then you can generate some massive traffic to your affiliate links. Of course you are aware that when you gain more traffic, the greater sales you earn.

Conclusion- It is a good idea to manage your personal website to promote your product but this is really not needed. You can always use the alternative methods to promote your affiliate products’ links. The most popular to all these techniques are email marketing, writing to forums, article writing and offline promotion just like the classified ads. The main thought of this is instead of you promoting your website; you will directly promote your affiliate marketing links. The customers will directly click to merchant’s website and purchase the product. In this method, you are not able to pay for your website’s creation and maintenance.

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