Rules for Masterpieces

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From an experience in hanging pictures lasting for years comes several rules. The first rule is not to hang pictures on all of the walls unless you've always yearned to live in an art gallery and only hang a picture should a wall seem bare without it. Every time you hang a picture it is a good idea to do so over a sofa, in groups, over a server, a small pier table, or a console.

What is next is a second rule. When furniture is under it then do not make the groupings wider than this. If you want to give a unified look to a wall, hang the pictures close together, especially if they're of varying sizes. Consider having a prized collection of bird prints with differing frames coming in all sorts of sizes. Instead of hanging them frame by frame consider pleasing geometrics.

Another rule follows. Even with pictures hung in close proximity the wall acts as a frame that serves to set off a group of pictures on all four sides. In the process of applying pleasing geometry, pictures should be hung in the formation of a square or a rectangle. When you are in possession of four pictures all framed alike and of the same size you may want to hang them geometrically in a square over the sofa, or in a straight line over a long table, or vertically above a small step table. Hanging pictures in a step pattern should only be done when there is a staircase. As often as possible you should go for straight lines that meet at right angles. Sometimes you need a little regimentation in life.

Consider having a series of ever changing pictures accumulated over a lifetime, ones with varying sizes and subjects that come to include old family portraits, prints, reproductions, and originals. For unification it is important to consider framing and matting everything alike when hanging these together. It was a friend who used simple gold frames on 16 prints matting them in forest green. The look was outstanding when set against a red wall. By matting each picture over her sofa in a different shade a friend was able to add color. Other than being of the same size the pictures were of one subject too.

Did you ever feel that something was missing as you stared into a department store model room? There is an absence of a sign showing someone had lived, slept, ate, and took phone calls in there. What is missing is individuality. Your home should never go without this.

The department store model exists for no other reason but to sell furniture but a home is there so that you have comfort and pleasure. What matters here is that you use a color you like. The mood of a particular room can be affected by the color you choose. Colors can easily depict varying emotions. When you need to find a color for your space it is always a good option to consider looking at several color charts. The choice that matters here is the one you make personally.

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