Royal Sovereign RSL-380 Roll Laminator Review

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As the name of the company would suggest, Royal Sovereign makes laminators that are the royalty of the laminating world. One of their princely products is the RSL-380 roll laminator. The RSL-380 is an impressive machine that would be a great addition to any copy shop, school work room, or graphics studio. This review will look at what the RSL-380 can do and why you should think about getting one for your company.

The RSL-380 roll laminator is great for laminating documents that are 14 inches wide. The machine's 15" throat can easily accept both your large and small documents. The RSL-380 can laminate almost 10 feet of material in less than a minute. (That's really fast!) You can use laminating film that is between 1 and 5 mil in thickness with this machine, and the RSL-380's silicone rollers distribute heat evenly, so your finished product will be free of any imperfections such as bubbles and wrinkles. You can laminate just about anything you want with this product (posters, marketing materials, etc.) In fact, the RSL380 can also be used to laminate and mount objects to boards that are up to 1/16" thick.

The RSL-380 is simple to use, thanks to a touch-screen that allows you to choose between ten different laminating speeds and temperature settings. There's also a document guide so you can properly align your item for laminating. If the machine ever gets jammed, a reverse function will help you clear up the problem so you can get back to laminating. Also, this is a tabletop laminator, so you don't need to have a big empty space in your office in which to use and store this machine. Finally, for a roll laminator, the RSL-380 is actually very affordable and can be yours for less than $1,200.00. Just think of how much money you'll save when you can do all your lamination on-site instead of sending it to a print shop!

Despite all the positive aspects of this machine, the RSL-380 does have a couple of minor flaws. It takes ten minutes to warm up, which is fairly normal for a roll laminator but can seem like an eternity if you are waiting to laminate a document. This isn't really the machine to use if you hate waiting for a laminator to warm up. The RSL-380 does not have a cold lamination feature, so an additional machine will be needed if you want to perform cold lamination on your heat-sensitive items. Also, users who need to use thicker laminate (such as 7 and 10 mil film) probably will not like this machine since it can only handle the thinner laminating film. This machine is also not ideal for users who need to laminate larger items such as posters or graphics. In fact, the 15 inch throat can be fairly limiting, especially if you are comparing this machine to a 27 inch roll laminator.

Despite the slow warm-up time and the lack of a cold lamination feature, the Royal Sovereign RSL-380 roll laminator provides high-quality lamination at a great price. Provided that you can live with the fifteen inch throat width, this machine is an excellent choice. Its dependability and capabilities really do make it lamination royalty and it would be perfect for your business or school.

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