Royal love moments

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"Royal love moments", a marvelous translated e-book with the best romantic short stories&thoughts I ever read!

“Royal Love Moments” is a translated romantic book by the Egyptian writer
Rehab El-Smanody.
Rehab’s writings are known in Egypt as an example for “Romance of Power”. Reading about Rehab herself would let you understand where that power and glory combined with romance come from!
Rehab El-smanody is a very special romantic writer in Egypt, she was one of those great young people who fascinated the whole world in Egyptian Revolution read more…….

Due to Rehab, a real woman who is truly in love is a unique creature that can never be repeated, and a lucky beloved man who gets such a woman should appreciate that and give his whole life in return, not only his emotions.
You would see how much love she gives and what she requires in return…
In her writings you could see a great contrast between a woman who melts with love and delicacy into her beloved one, and the woman that rises like a legend fighter with a sword that knows no corrosion, to fight against a slight feeling of neglect or artlessness form the other party towards her feelings.
That could feel like a contradiction between a strong woman in a strict control of her emotions refusing any loose, and a woman throwing herself at feet of her lover just to ease the burden of a hard day!
That it was a small idea about love in writer's thoughts as I saw.
You can see that clear in this translated novel
"Royal Love Moments",
They declare that the book is going to be released in June, but I really liked the free chapter they published…to me it expresses a different kind of emotions with a woman who gives her whole self without any weakness or concession about being on the throne of her man’s heart, soul and whole life!
This kind of woman whose mind would force her heart to accept being lonely or even die if it was not appreciated the way she deserves.

That’s a special ebook that I will make sure to have… please visit that ebook page and read about the writer and lets discuss them… I am really fascinated to read such kind of literature from Egypt because it shows something different than we are all used to think of Arab woman.

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