Romance Lessons from Paris

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"I love Paris in the springtime", goes the popular song. Paris is known as the romantic capital of the world. The city of Paris itself has been the subject of countless songs about romance and the pursuit of love. Everything you do in Paris seems enchanted by the air of romance. Think of the idyllic scenes that you've seen in the movies: an intimate dinner at a sidewalk café, walking under an ancient stone bridge hand in hand over cobblestone streets, dancing next to an exotic river, smelling the fresh flowers cascading from shuttered windows thrown open to the street. Sounds appealing right?

It has been sought after by artists the world over as a place of inspiration and intrigue. Ernest Hemingway, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Miller, Samuel Beckett, and more recently Paul Auster, all relocated to Paris to gain inspiration for their writing. On the street where Ernest Hemingway lived, there is a plaque to memorialize his stay there. He lived across from a popular part of Paris still thriving and bustling with the romantic scenes that must have crept into his writing and inspired his art. There is a nearby café along the side of a roundabout bursting with daffodils and lilies. Parisians are still taking their time conversing and lounging at the nearby café, the common night-life scenes continue that he saw years ago.

Ancient cathedrals add an air of mystery and drama to the city of Paris. When walking into the Notre-Dame cathedral, it is still common to hear prayers sung through the echoing grandeur of this magnificent building. Stone gargoyles and carefully crafted etchings adorn the outside of the building and instantly conjure up visions of Victor Hugo's masterpiece "the Hunchback of Notre-Dame" and its tragic love story between Quasimodo and Esmerelda.

One of the most powerful romantic qualities of Paris is its distinct aroma. Air conditioning is still largely unused in much of the city center of Paris. As a result, in the springtime the shutters are thrown open and the aroma of home cooked meals spills into the street. This also adds the sound of daily life in Paris to the full experience that the city provides. You are given a peek into the private lives lived along its streets, as these windows are opened to the world. Flowers abound and mix with the sweet smell of coffee houses and delicious bakeries. Of course, romance is crippled without the addition of captivating aroma, so it makes sense that Paris should provide such a bounty of sweet alluring smells.

With all of its mystery and intrigue, there is something to be learned from the romantic reputation of Paris. It pulls us in with an appeal to all of the senses. The visual beauty of stunning architecture and old world style is complimented perfectly by the intoxicating aroma of its city streets.

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