Rockin Red Lips

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Hollywood has been rockin’ the red lip and you’ve been dying to follow suit. But the question remains, how can you rock a hot red mouth and not look like you are crazy made up?

What about the rules of playing up your eyes and down playing your mouth or vice versa? Is it true or do you have to do a nude eye with a red mouth? Your skin is fair, will going red make you look too pale or like a Goth or vamp? Do you have to do the whole Marilyn Monroe look or Betty Paige?

Well, here’s a few tips to keep you out of the mine field of makeup mistakes and answer a few of those questions.

Generally you will want to play up one feature. This means if you are doing crazy dramatic eyes you might want to tone down your lips so that your features aren’t at war with each other.

If your lips are very narrow, thin or very small, you might want to avoid the red. Red is a bold, strong color, it can make thinner lips appear narrow, thus giving your mouth a harder, older look. For thin lips I would pull out a softer color that will make them look fuller and softer and much more kissable.

Fair skin can rock a red lip, think porcelain doll. Use a light blush and you will avoid any gothic appearance.

Choose a true red, with a slight cool undertone, this will be bold and keep your teeth from appearing any color they should not.

For your eyes, you don’t have to opt for the heavy liner of a pin-up or Marilyn, you can do a soft eye, with mascara’d lashes and a soft contour in the crease, or you can be a little more bold and smoke out the liner and lid for a very dramatic evening look.

Of course the classic Hollywood Glam look is never a bad choice. You can achieve this with a soft cream on your lid and brow bone, light brown or taupe just in the crease and a dark winged liner. Heavy mascara and a little liner on the lower lid will give you a fabulous look and help you rock those red lips!

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