Rise Up: A New Book for Men

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Men – God created you to lead your family. The mantel of leadership can be a heavy burden to carry. It is also very intimidating. At the same time is a high calling and one of the greatest adventures in life.
Do you ever feel like you need to be doing something more in this area of your life, but you don’t know what that means? Many men have a feeling deep down that draws them in this direction and at the same time brings some fear, perhaps fear of failure. Others ignore this aspect of their lives and focus primarily on those areas about which they feel more confident. But the need does not go away.
Families need leadership. Wives thrive under a husband who is a servant leader in a marriage and puts her needs above his own. Children grow secure in who they are as they are raised in a home where their father leads, guides and teaches them how to live.
The most important aspect of this responsibility for a man to learn is how to meet his family’s spiritual needs. Ask your friends the following question: “Was your father a good example of a spiritual leader in your home?” From my experience, very rarely will you receive a confident “Yes!” in reply. That simple fact translates into a great insecurity homes across our nation today.

Do you ever wish you had an example to follow and some encouragement along the way? Most men have not seen a good example of this kind of leadership. Fewer still experienced it in their homes as they were growing up. As a result, sense of insecurity often pushes them back and they settle for providing a pay check, being a sports fan, or any of the other stereotypical male images that our culture displays. But still, that desire to lead well is there.
Rise Up: For Dad’s Who Want to Lead Boldly is a powerful, new book for men who want to lead their families well. Dr. Robert Otto, a West Point graduate, taps into his experience leading soldiers to inspire men to be the spiritual leaders that their families need. Dr. Otto draws examples from his experience as an Airborne Ranger and addresses in very practical terms how husbands and fathers can learn to be servant leaders in their homes and teach the next generation to do the same. His suggestions provide structure and balance for men who are passionate about leading well. This book is a clear call for men to rise to the challenge.

For more discussion on the topic and information on ordering a copy of the book, visit http://www.RiseUpDad.com

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